Friday, 23 July 2010

In The Pink Tissue Paper is.....

Look at my lovely parcel from Sandi; which arrived today, all in pretty pink tissue paper and scented with a divine sachet- which by the way , is such a good idea for all our fabric and supplies stashes :0) I feel very lucky to have received three soft and yummy mohairs, tiny buttons, lovely rusty bells, glass eyes and even some pretty pastel stationery for cards! All of these will be squirreled carefully away whilst I contemplate what they might become. Sandi knows they will challenge me creatively as I have rarely used mohair (and never glass eyes) before!It does do you good to have a few projects lined up which in the future will give your current skills a boost. One day .... and I'm talking far in to the future here...... I'd like to make a big bear, although I think it would be a really steep learning curve and I'd be very nervous! I have made bigger bears from commercial patterns years ago, although none were jointed. Ah! I just remembered all the stuffing involved as well! If you remember I used the "left over" stuffing from (very) past projects for approximately 4 years in my miniatures! :0)

Many thanks to Sandi for her big-hearted generosity, and to Lady Luck for drawing me the winner! Pop over to Sandi's blog right here to see 3 gorgeous little bears just finished; they are adorable!

TaTa For Now,
Ruth xxx

Monday, 12 July 2010

Beatrix Potter

When I read in the paper that there will be a Beatrix Potter exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum , in Kensington , right when I'll be there the day before Hugglets, I just had to post about it! I absolutely love visiting the V&A anyway , so I shall be there "with knobs on"! 
You may already know that next year the Australian Creative Design Awards will be based on a theme of Beatrix Potter inspired pieces - the entry registration is open right up to 31st December , 2010, and I fully intend to take part.This will be a huge challenge for me ; as it will be all about interpreting themes which have resonated throughout my childhood .... like catching treasured dreams and memories and turning them in to something tangible!

My love of all things Beatrix Potter goes right back to a time I only hazily remember (not being blessed with one of those crystal clear memories like my sister) I could only have been about 3 or 4 years old , and even then I had an innate love of books - books as objects, as much as the wonders for small imaginative brains contained in them. Occasionally I would be taken to a book shop where I distinctly remember the pristine little rows of Beatrix Potter books. Their impossibly white little dust jackets fascinated me , along with the (now)  iconic type face , and the beautiful , muted, almost translucent illustrations. They represented something utterly unattainable ; an idyllic perfection and nostalgic view which I couldn't really comprehend but which drew me like a moth to a flame. We were never bought books in those days! All the stories I was read came from the library , like most other little girls. I still think I'm making up for that yearning to own books to this day .... piles of them everywhere says so....

I was only 19 when I decided to completely splurge a vast sum of money on a boxed set of these precious little stories. I decided it was a prize well worth spending hard earned wages on , but I probably didn't tell many people in the office what I had done! Those sweet little creatures; all with lives of their own still had that same power to draw me in to their pastel shaded world , and of course I appreciated the amazing artistry which created them so much more. Some years on I bought this folder of "scraps" of 7 of the stories' illustrations. I've had them for at least 20 years but I just can't bring myself to separate them , or use them on anything!

I'm sure they will remain in those protective sleeves for another double decade , whilst I continue to collect all sorts of other Beatrix Potter memorabilia ... which reminds me.....

My lovely friend , and fellow enthusiast Sandi , of Bearly Sane teddies (also our brilliant TBACA leader) has drawn my name as winner of an intriguing mystery prize which is teddy bear related , but I could use when I enter the ACD Awards! Whoot! I'll be looking out for a parcel soon - aren't I lucky? :0) Thank You so much Sandi for your generosity; I really value your kindred spirit too :0) (XX)

If you have time, do follow the link to the V&A's page all about the exhibition . Maybe you will be inspired to enter the ACD Awards , and create your own adorable creature in the spirit of that quintessentially English lady , Miss Potter. Or maybe , if you're visiting Kensington on Saturday 11th September, I'll see you there; admiring Peter Rabbit and all his charming friends?

T.T.F.N , Ruth xxx