Thursday, 25 June 2009

21 Years Ago Today ....

What's on my mind today then ? Well , 21 years ago at midday I was married to the man I first clapped eyes on at the age of 12 ! We started "going out" together when I was 15 , and ten years later there we were on a glorious , hot and sunny day in Cambridge , with family and friends all fligged up in our finest !

I remember that after the ceremony we were driving slowly through the city on the way to the reception ; cars creeping along due to the university students Rag Week charity bed-push right in amongst the traffic . They were all dressed as doctors and nurses , and shaking collection tins . The onlooking pedestrians , and car drivers , thought it highly amusing when one of the "wags" pushing the bed knocked on the window of our decorated wedding car ( a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow ) - they got their donation though , and I'm sure it was a good omen !

I've been wallowing in sentiment ; looking through all our precious photos of the day . No apologies then for subjecting you to them as well !! Look , I even carried a fan .... I was sooooo blissfully happy that day !

I totally fell in love with my dress - scattered with iridescent pink sequins and pink and pearl beads ( well , everyone knows by now I'm a hopeless "girly" LOL ) I remember having that 22" waist too ..... sigh ......

Happy Anniversary Ashley !
Happy Day to Everyone ! Go and search out some photos that bring you back wonderful memories too !

T.T.F.N Ruth X

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bee Poem

The Violet and the Bee
by John Bannister Tabb

"And pray, who are you?"
Said the Violet blue
To the Bee, with surprise,
At his wonderful size,
In her eyeglass of dew.
"I, madam," quoth he,
"Am a publican Bee,
Collecting the tax
Of honey and wax.
Have you nothing for me?"

Such a sweet little summery poem . I love watching the "busy bees" in the garden and it always gives me huge satisfaction to rescue them out of my conservatory when they fly in by accident . I plan to install some solitary bee homes , as I think we all need to do as much as we can to help them over their increasing environmental hurdles - I was utterly dismayed when I watched a programme recently about the global threat of bee hive collapse . Without these little creatures getting to work on pollinating crops the whole world could face food shortages !

So be kind to a bee
.... and appreciate him in all his tiny , fuzzy glory !


Ruth x

Thursday, 11 June 2009

99th Post !

Now , I know bloggers usually celebrate the 100th post , but I haven't had too much time to think about organising anything ; what with prototypes , commissions and fairs all vying for my attention . Hopefully I'll catch up with myself by about the 102nd ish post (!) so in the meantime here is a special one-off , blog-only price offer :-

The little 3" bear here is "Ella" , a shy looking little sweety made from smokey Long Pile Upholstery Velvet in a peachy/pinky shade , with Ultrasuede paw pads and onyx bead eyes . She has a wobble-jointed head , thread-jointed limbs and wears a lacey collar . It was Ella who appeared in last month's Teddy Bear Times; in the feature about the TBAE in Stratford . Her label was marked at £63.00 , but her price in this offer is £50.00 in addition to which I will only charge half the normal postage ( so - UK Special Delivery : £3.00 , International Signed For including insurance : £4.50 )

If anybody would like to adopt her please email me at-
I will leave this offer open until Sunday 14th June , 10pm UK time .

T.T.F.N Ruth x

Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Few Bears for Stratford

Even though the Miniatures have now arrived at The Black and White Ball I just wanted to post a little preview of some of the bears who'll be visiting The Teddy Bear Artist Event in Stratford this Sunday :-

"Patience" ; Vintage Long Pile , 3"

"Clementine" ; Vintage Long Pile , 3"

"Jin" ; Long Cashmere , 3"

"Leonie" ; Long Pile Upholstery Velvet , 3"

"Martha" ; Short Cashmere , 3"

"Cookie" ; Vintage Long Pile , 2.5"

"Benji" and "Suzi" ; Long Pile Upholstery Velvets , 1.2"

I've booked tickets today for "The Shakespeare Town Houses" - the entry remains valid for a whole year , so we don't need to rush round all 3 on the Saturday . Also included is entry to the "Shakespeare Found" Exhibition .... wheeeeee , I'm really excited as it's all about the recently verified painting by Cobbe , of a young handsome version of The Bard , previously unknown to historians.The original is on show .
I can't wait !

See you all after the weekend ,
Ruth xx

Monday, 1 June 2009

Visit the Black and White Ball

Don't forget to visit Teddy Bears and Critters Australasia's Black and White Ball this week , which kicks off today with the fantastic new Australasian Creative Design Awards - you can make a vote for your favourite piece in the competition from amongst some really wonderful entries , all themed in black and white and photographed as per the rules on a red background; which is quite a challenge !
For the rest of the week there is a full "dance card" for collectors and visitors to enjoy as follows:-

1st June - Introduction and unveiling of TACDA entrants .

2nd June - Dressed bears arrive.

3rd June - Vintage fur bears arrive.

4th June - Nominees are officially announced , and Miniatures arrive .

5th June - All the critters arrive .

6th June - Remaining bears arrive.

7th June - Finale , and award presentation .

This is a completely new kind of online show , lasting the entire week . It is also a "masked" ball , which means that artist names will only be revealed for each available piece on adoption . I wonder if any of you will be able to tell which bears are mine on the Miniatures Day on Thursday ?? I do so hope you'll pop by the show and have fun guessing , and just generally enjoying the gorgeous bears , critters , and Award entrants taking part . There are almost certain to be one or two who ask you "May I have this dance Modom ....." :0)

TaTa For Now , Ruth x