Thursday, 29 April 2010


Another birthday behind me! Although the digits are creeping ever upward I shan't complain ... it's all about getting older and wiser isn't it? Unlike me in the picture above - what did I know then?? It was taken almost exactly 30 years ago (oh good grief!!!) I think Ashley and I were waiting to go to Cambridge. The most pressing thoughts on my mind that day might have been what clothes to put on , and not to forget to file my nails before going out. I remember how much I enjoyed reading that book , "The Avenue" , which had also  been a tv series set between the wars ; I've still got it in a big box under the bed. I had an awful lot of pink clothes ... and that gorgeous shocking pink leather clutch bag. Later I would get a pair of "killer heel" shoes to exactly match the shade. Even later again , my springer spaniel would champ on the leather covered heels and completely ruin them forever .....

Well , anyway what I'm trying to say is ; I don't begrudge that girl her carefree existence , far from it. But ... I wouldn't change places with her now. I'm comfortable with a few more inches of .... "wisdom".(!). and a lot more smile lines on my face. I'm very thankful for how my life has turned out , I adore creating bears which is something I never could have dreamed of back then, and - I can still wear pink if I want to can't I?

Ruth XX

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Where It All Started!

The last time I went "home" to my parents' I came across my really old "My Learn To Sew Book" (published by Hamlyn I think) which I was given around the age of 8 or 9. Did any of you have this book? Peeking through the time-worn pages proved to be a bit like stepping in to a time loop ; hurtling me back to an age when brown and orange paisley was tres chic, and little girls were even encouraged to get to grips with dangerous stuff like bodkins , sewing machines and - perish the thought- seam rippers!
The projects are so charming. I remember that most were quite beyond my capabilities at the time , but the crucial point is I aspired to that level of competence!

It brought back to me the whole flavour of my childhood ; being creative , making things for yourself (not just buying them!) treasuring a host of fabric and yarn snippets ,and actually feeling proud of your achievements.
Some years later, at about 15 years old , I made a fairly simple felt pin cushion in the shape of a flower , with decorative stitching and pearl beads at the centre. It's nothing special ..... yet I still use it to this day 30+ dusty years on - it's just my pincushion; part of my everyday sewing paraphernalia. But I couldn't bear to part with it!

Let's see just one more project-

I wish I'd made one of these!

TaTa For Now ,

Ruth XX

Thursday, 8 April 2010

25th Anniversary Celebrations

I've just posted out my parcel of exclusive , one-off bears for Teddy Bears of Witney's 25th Anniversary Event, which takes place on the 18th April. Each of the 3 bears has their very own micro-tiny friend to accompany them when they appear on the day.

Here's one of the couples , partially disguised by "Artistic" filter , to show that I have really been working on bears (yes, really !!) without revealing all before the party :0)
Now it's straight back to some prototypes and show pieces - lots of cutting out and wearing of a layer of shimmery 3mm mini-bear fur all over myself! Nice new needles , new trays waiting for small ursine inhabitants (!) and a new vanguard of cotton reels in shades to match the current works in progress...

By the way I heard the door closing just now - I think it was the Easter bunny ; packed up and leaving, somewhat miffed, for another year, and probably wondering when exactly I'll get round to using some of the lovely eggy decorations I've accumulated to go with bears - tins , wood and papier mache. I ran out of time this year. Again.
Maybe next time .....

TaTa Easter Bunny!!

T.T.F.N , Ruth XX