Monday, 23 August 2010

Beautiful Dresses from Bath

I'm sorry I've been away for so long; it's really unusual for me. I'm afraid I've been AWOL and MIA whilst I get my collection together for Hugglets on September12th! My husband had 2 weeks holiday, and we went to Devon and Bath.... but I still had to sew y'know. Luckily I have a small folding portable daylight gadget; a Grafilight (check ) which is invaluable when I go away!!!

Here are some beautiful 18th century dresses from the collection at the Bath Fashion Museum ( joy of joys you are now allowed to photograph those which they own..... although it is still a photographer's nightmare!) I hope they will give something to admire until normal service can be resumed here!

Amazing "court dress". Imagine it; "'S'cuse me - wide dress coming through!!!"

("Sack Back"dress with more exquisite embroidery)

Despite all the fabulous handworked embroidery on the others this is my favourite - made from the finest muslin (which was extremely expensive and highly prized cargo on merchant ships) I just can't imagine how cold those poor, fragile ladies must have been tripping around in our climate in these wisps of material!!

I'll be back as soon as I can .... so Ciao For Now! :0) ....
Ruth xx