Saturday, 20 November 2010


I've just got time to post a pic of two of the bears I'm taking to The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event, on Sunday at the Sheffield Hilton.

They are (L to R) "Figgy" and "Frosty", 2.6" standing, made from Long Pile Upholstery Velvets in a special new design that I have pared back slightly so that I could offer collectors a really affordable bear. I've named the collection Flutter-By Boutique, and there will only be a few of these bears at each fair I attend - priced at £49 each.
As a collector myself I know that the pounds spare for "luxury" collectables are being held on to for longer, and so I came up with the idea of having just a couple of bears on my table which would provide a quality "teddy hit" for eager arctophiles fed up of being "good" all the time! :0) To keep the Boutique bears at such a low price I've trimmed down the processes (no wobble heads, no front paw pads) and I'll be offering a range of optional accessories for them each time, all individually priced; micro-stockings (£3) Gingerbread teddy in Ultrasuede (£5) micro-tiny basket (£1, not shown) Of course the accessories will be suitably sized for all the other Flutter-By Bears too!

I'm so looking forward to the event.We'll be in the car soon ; off to explore Sheffield. My 2 older sons are home with the dogs...... I'll miss them !!

T.T.F.N  Ruth xx