Monday, 26 March 2012

Feeling Spring-y!

I've been thoroughly enjoying the beautiful Spring sunshine here in the UK over the weekend. I realise it's a total cliche but skipping and "tra-la-laaing", through the town on Saturday, probably wouldn't have raised anyone's eyebrows! I saw plenty of English-men-of-a-certain-age wearing shorts - which is just unheard of frankly! In fact it's amazing what a transformation comes over everybody in these drizzley little Isles when the big yellow thing in the sky shows an unseasonally smiling face, and graces us with its presence. People look less.... grumpy, and definitely less careworn.

In the spirit of all this sunny, "flowers are looking pretty" mood, I've framed up the last one of my current Bygone Bruin collection bears. He does look a little wistful now all his friends have left :0)

This gorgeously soft little fellow is "Lucian" - just a tad over 2.5" tall, made from an extra long pile Upholstery velvet. His fur is a pale robin-egg blue (I might have some of these in my garden soon!) and he's wearing an Antique lace ruffled collar with a silk ribbon trim. Lucian is priced at £68 GBP.

Wishing everyone all the joys of Spring,

T.T.F.N  Ruth xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Ashley sent me this pic via his phone whilst he was exhibiting at the Focus photographic show in Birmingham. This little photo printer looks a bit fed up doesn't he? Maybe he's saying:

"You seriously think I'm interested in your photos??" 
"You have how many pictures of the same beach - yawn!!"
"When I spit these photos out you'll be soooo embarassed; try taking the lens cap off next time! Ha!"

What do you think he's saying?? :0)

Ruth XX

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Poor little Florian is feeling a bit sorry for himself! I entered him in to the Teddy Bear Total Golden Georges, in the Dressed Miniature category but he didn't make it to the nominees (three per category.)
Of course that is what competition is all about; sometimes the bears you lovingly craft don't make the grade. And sometimes you get that email which sends your confidence sky-high, and your smile beaming round the room. I wouldn't be human if I couldn't admit I was really disappointed about Florian - I really love all 3" of him!

Despite his flunk-out you can still visit him on the Teddy Bear Total website, where all of the entrants are displayed for each visitor's single online vote for their favourite piece. It might cheer him up a bit..... but I don't think I'll be posting him off to Germany on the offchance that the fair's visitors will pick him as their preferred choice. Instead I'm turning my sights to the brand new Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards , as hosted by the UK's Bear Basics company. I was so impressed by the sheer professionalism of the set-up and organisation, and I have a feeling this competition will quickly become highly respected.

So onwards, ever onwards! Challenging yourself is the best salve for artistic "hurt", so I've started creating my new pieces and the inspiration is flowing. Like the spider swinging on its thread I'm compelled to try, try, try again!!

T.T.F.N, Ruth xx