Monday, 17 January 2011

High Time I added a post!.........

Wicken Fen, Cambs

We're how far in to the New Year - and this is my first blog post??? In my defence I'm having to type this right now from a stop-gap, rigged up contraption as the "real" computer became decidedly off-colour after Christmas and ultimately refused to play with any of us! I've got no useful library of images to work with any more; just an ocean of empty desk top. No matter- I think the photo I found (taken just before Christmas when we were all still in the vice like grip of Winter) is quite appropriate.

At first glance, when I was flicking through Ashley's camera, I thought it was a bit bleak. A narrow path leading to an unknown destination, cold and uninviting, a shadowy darkness at the edges .... a bit like a brand new year when you're not sure what might happen. I've been feeling somewhat over-contemplative and stressed recently; not helped by PPI medication (acid inhibitors) which can magnify anxiety. Well, I realised that's one interpretation of the picture. Looking closer I noticed the sky; it's natural and surprising beauty would be reason enough to keep walking along that path. The trees and hedges at the sides are likely to be bustling with birds waking up for another new day; the water course is gurgling its infinite way, meandering and leisurely. The scene is actually picturesque. Hopeful.
I may not be making any Resolutions for 2011 (and they always do come with capitals don't they?) but I will be looking for the blue sky .... or an unexpected ray of sunshine, the pretty song of a bird; just little things that chase away uncertainty or stress. Maybe we all need to be a bit kinder to ourselves sometimes, and "re-adjust the picture" by looking for the positive things that make life so much better.

With a belated "Happy New Year",

T.T.F.N  Ruth xxx  :0)