Monday, 22 February 2010

Taaa - Daaaaaahh !!

My website has been totally revamped and is now officially unveiled!
As you know, Ashley has been patiently constructing it whilst I think up all manner of difficulties for him. There may still be a few tweaks to consider - like changing the photo surrounds on my Gallery page as I think they might be slowing the loading down too much (gnash). Overall , my main aim was to come up with a site that represents how I feel about my little beary creations ; and the mood of them.... difficult to put in to words!

I set Ashley's technical wizardry on some of the gorgeous vintage photos that I adore - I'd love to think there was a little fairy or angel somewhere who treasured one of my bears! I'm definitely a fan of a little whimsy now and again so I just couldn't resist .... I hope everyone will like the outcome :0)

(Click here to visit)

T.T.F.N Ruth x

Monday, 15 February 2010

After the show

It was such a lot of fun over at the "Be My Valentine" show on saturday! I think most of us are still recovering from the combination of live show , computer "window" juggling and chat thread high jinks ! It really won't be long until the next one comes around - The Fantasy Ball ; over at TBACA , for a week long parade of lovelies between 31st May and 6th June - so I intend to make a start on these pieces and let my imagination run riot!

The "Bobo Booth" is still open after the show (click here) so if you are interested in treating yourself to a brand new friend who's adoption fee will be forwarded to Free The Bears Fund, do go and visit. My contribution ; "Brady" (above) is a 2.5" chap made in Vintage long pile Upholstery Velvet . He'd love to do his bit toward saving those beautiful Cambodian Sun bears.

I also have another little heart throb ; "Georgie" , 2.5" in frosted grey long pile UPV , who is looking for that special someone .He is £65 GBP , and will bring his miniature romantic card with him.

I'm sooo looking forward to "Pancake Day" tomorrow as well .... can't wait to sink my teeth in to the first one ; with greek yogurt and cream filling, sliced banana, orange juice, and butterscotch sauce.Mmmmmmmm!!

Happy Flipping !

Ruth XX

Thursday, 11 February 2010

A New Old Classic

I've had a lot of fun going back to a really traditional style bear recently . I specifically wanted to use some of my lovely short napped "cashmere" Upholstery Velvet , so the proportions were styled to complement it.So, here is 3" tall Pascal ; all finished and looking forward to some similar playmates soon.I felt that he only needed a simple ribbon to stay in touch with his classic-bear roots.

Just a quick reminder about the "Be My Valentine" online show : for those outside of Australian Time zones the show will open on Friday 12th rather than Saturday 13th . If you would like to pop over to the show rooms early here are some example start times :

UK : Friday 12th - 9pm
USA , New York : Friday 12th - 4pm
USA , Texas : Friday 12th - 3pm
Moscow , Friday 12th - 12pm Midnight.

Hope you can make it - we'd love you to drop by the Bruin Banter forum for a quick chat with the artists too.

Happy Weekend !
Ruth XX

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Sydney People's Choice Awards


These are my 2 entries in the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair People's Choice Awards . Having only entered them a short time ago I was really surprised when the notification came on Friday that the finalists could now be viewed online .... and even more so to find I had 2 nominations !! I was really "well chuffed" ! Both these 3" bears are very special to me , and were created with extra love in them than usual (although it hardly seems possible !)

If you would like to visit the site to vote on your favourites please follow this link . All of the thumb nail pics can be enlarged before you make any decisions . Good Luck to all the beautiful finalists !

TaTa For Now ,
Ruth XX

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Birthday Season !

Somehow it is 2 days in to February already. The first few months of any new year seem to dash past bringing lots of birthdays with them - I'm never as ready for them as I used to be! My eldest son was 20 years old (good grief !) last sunday , and my husband's and youngest son's are now "galloping up on the rails" for the 20th and 22nd respectively .In fact it's pretty much solid birthday-card-writing until we get clear of the "season" in May - that explains why there's always lots of scribble on my calendar !!
Anyway , that's why I thought I'd post up a picture of pretty little "Nancy" , who is the only remaining member of "The Birthday Bunch" to be found over at Kathy Martin's Edwina's Friends web store. At 3" tall she's only a tiny little Miss ; made from Vintage long pile Upholstery Velvet - she was my absolute favourite out of the 4 friends , and she is now available at a special low price , so if you're interested pop straight over using the link. Kathy won't be adding any new bears until September due to her book writing / magazine commitments , but there are still some beautiful bears in the shop who can be adopted.

I've been a busy bee on the bear front too ; I was delighted to accept an invitation to exhibit at a brand new bear fair , "The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event" which will be hosted at the Hilton Hotel , Sheffield on November 21st , 2010. This has been organised by Katherine Hallam (otherwise known as Katie Rae Bears) and apart from the artist bears on show there will be fund raising for Sheffield's Children's Hospital. I think there's a strong possibility we will stay at the venue for the preceding saturday night - it looks extremely well appointed , and has terraces and views along the Quayside - plus I have never visited Sheffield before! So a big hurrah for another quality bear fair!

Don't forget it's only 2 weeks to count down to the "Be My Valentine" online show . If you're not there you won't be square ... but you certainly won't be heart shaped either !! :0)

T.T.F.N , Ruth XX