Saturday, 30 April 2011


I've been "on holiday" for the best part of 2 weeks, and I was intending to get some photos on here of where I've visited, but for now I just have to show "Missy Belle"; who I'm absolutely delighted to say has been nominated in the 2011 Golden Teddy Awards.

She is a 3" tall, Vintage Long Pile southern belle complete with lace fan and silk ribbon and crystal choker.The dress is made of a gold spotted organza, with antique lace.

Yesterday was so exciting; what with finding out this news first thing in the morning, and then settling in to watch all the Royal Wedding coverage! A very kind and lovely lady said she thought Missy Belle looked fit to attend the wedding herself - I was so thrilled by such a compliment!
I still have a huge :0) on my face! Thank you so very much Teddy Bear Review!

T.T.F.N  Ruth xxx