Monday, 21 December 2009

Winter Wonderland

Although the ornamental fish in my garden seems to be laughing and enjoying himself I'm not exactly thrilled by the f-f-freezing weather ! I did think my 2 little dogs looked cuter than cute in their warm fleecy coats though ,so I asked Ashley to take photos of them . We have had temperatures down to -6 here in the Midlands ; which is just about as cold as it gets in the UK .

"Mmmmmm , yummy; taste a bit Lilah !" whispered Delphi (Chihuahua)

"Look at me - I'm the Snow-Papillon Princess !"

I should really be posting pics of last weekend's awards in Hove for the British Bear Artist Awards , but they're still in Ashley's camera unfortunately ! For those who don't already know ; Tiffany was placed 2nd in the Single Miniature Bear category . I was extremely pleased to get such a respectable award ( after all, 3 of the 6 nominees sadly go home empty handed ) and I was just as delighted by those gorgeously lovely people who let me know they thought she would win ! :0) It just so happened that some of my equally lovely beary-friends also came 2nd in their categories too. I think the judges found it really hard work deciding between the pieces , which were all wonderful in their own way . I believe the full results will be shown in the Feb/Mar Teddy Bear Times due out in the middle of January.

Ta Ta For Now - wrap up warm !

Ruth xx

(Dog coats by eBay seller - Millie's Petwear )

Friday, 11 December 2009

Off to Hove for the BBAAs !

I've checked over my little nominee bear and packed her carefully, sorted through a few clothes for the weekend , divided my little doggies' meals (idiot proofing for teenage sons left home in charge!) and now I need only wait for the crack of dawn tomorrow to start the journey to Hove ; for the finals of The British Bear Artist Awards on Sunday.

I think I already mentioned that the 3 of us will be spending Saturday in and around Tunbridge Wells - I'm looking forward to visiting the shopping areas as much as semi-ruined castles , if I'm honest . Maybe we might spot something wonderful through the throngs of people ?? I know there are quite a few "one off " shops in the Pantiles area so I'll be making a bee-line there !

I wish I could travel by giant , friendly butterfly .... although perhaps I'd miss loud in-car music LOL ! I certainly seem to be gaining butterflies in my tummy as the day goes on .... but I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone and visiting all the bear stalls , and of course I love exploring new places with my husband and son :0)
I'll be back to report how I got on -

TaTa For Now ,
Ruth XX

Friday, 4 December 2009

Micro doggies waiting....

"How do you do .... what's your name ?"

These 2 tiny dogs - "Gypsy", on the left , and "Bran", right , are waiting to hear from a collector with first refusal on them . Sometimes I prefer to do things this way rather than take a firm order for a specific colour , type and design . It may be that neither little dog will suit ; and that is absolutely fine . I personally only add pieces that I totally adore to my own collection :0)

They may "prefer" to stay home with me a little longer - we'll see ......

If anybody else out there is interested in a little 1.4" tall dog (for life not just for Christmas !) please do let me know ....

T.T.F.N Ruth XX

(Micro dogs £60 GBP each)