Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Brilliant Weekend in Sheffield

This weekend saw the hosting of the Gala Dinner for the final stage of the Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards, at the Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event venue - Hilton hotel in Sheffield. Once again it was a beautifully organised event, where it is always fantastic to meet up with other bear-making friends.

I was really thrilled to hear that Horatia was voted People's Choice winner in her category! Thank you so very much to everyone who voted for her! :0)  I feel very proud to have taken part in these wonderful awards, and it means such a lot to me to have my work recognised with so much positivity.

With heartfelt Thanks,

Ruth XX

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Great News!

Just time to post the wonderful news that my little 3" bear; "Horatia", has received a Judges' Choice award in the 2013 Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards! I am very honoured to have been considered by the judges, and I'd like to thank them ever so much! :0)

Here she is:-

I was inspired by the story I came across, of Horatio Nelson's daughter (she was named after him), who had to flee her mother's debtors in France dressed as a boy. I've used some integral clothing in the long pile Upholstery Velvet, and she wears antique lace as a ruffle collar, and gathered around the wrists. She has a grey silk sash around the top of her "breeches", and carries a tiny silk reticule.
I shall be bringing her with me to Hugglets next sunday; so I hope she can meet lots of new people there!

Ruth xx

Saturday, 17 August 2013


I've been on Summer holidays..... I'll see you very soon..

Ruth xx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Teddy Bear and Friends Picnic - online show

Firstly, I had a really great day on Sunday in Stratford-upon-Avon. Despite earlier weather forecasts the weather was bright and sunny, and the atmosphere of the Fair was lovely and friendly. A big "thankyou" to everyone who adopted a new friend on the day :0)

And so to the next Fair - this one is for armchair shopping! I can now reveal my preview piece for the "Teddy Bear and Friends Picnic" which will run from 28th to 30th June (from 4pm New York time , or 9pm UK time)

Here is "Gracie", a 1.2" tall dog made from Upholstery Velvets.

There will be work from all the 75 artists taking part, on the preview show page here until the start of the show. If you would like to visit just click the links - you can also vote for your favourite bears and animals!

I still have a couple of photos to take, and a finishing touch here and there, so TaTa for now :0)

Ruth xx

Friday, 14 June 2013

Just In Time

Running to stand still again!! I've finished all the pieces for the Teddy Bear Artist Event at Stratford-Upon-Avon Civic Hall this Sunday, and I've just got time to put a pic here (and a little preview on the New Available page of the website)

 This is "Nell" who is a shy little Norfolk Terrier.

I hope everyone is crossing their fingers for better weather for the weekend... although even in the rain Stratford has loads of really fascinating things to look at, and I expect my other half will be taking lots of photos!

T.T.F.N  Ruth x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Catching Up

Poor bloggy; I've been away far too long this time. I've had some choc-a-block deadlines lately - and no let up until at least July!
Part of the time I've been making pieces for The Teddy Bear Artist Event (16th June, Stratford Civic Hall)
and also an online show:


I'm not sure how I managed commissions and Limited Editions as well! Good job I keep checking my diary :0)

Here's a tiny sneak preview of the new pieces for a certain bear shop in Witney:

Oooooh, how teasing! HeeHee! The 2014 catalogue will be published in October.

X Ruth

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spring Things...


I'm just about back in to "work" mode after my short Easter holiday - being taken out for lunch in the sunshine on Monday by Oldest Son didn't really help (!) We've finally been allowed a look at milder more pleasant weather here in the UK (I hope it doesn't prove to be just a glimpse!!) and I actually spent lots of time sewing in the conservatory yesterday. Happy Days!

A short while ago I was approached by Helen Dickson, who has a beautiful website: Bustle and Sew  which is jam-packed with sewing projects, tips, patterns, and where you can also find her lovely blog about sewing, crafting, and life in Devon with a gorgeous Newfoundland dog! Helen very kindly invited me to contribute photos and an interview, all about Flutter-By Bears, for her Bustle and Sew ezine (scroll down and click "expand" on the first mag' preview of contents, for the Springy April issue) I was very impressed with the variety and number of patterns, clear instructions, and other articles, which Helen includes in her ezine for subscribers - so I was delighted to take the opportunity to spread the Beary word, and maybe introduce some new potential arctophiles to our wonderful world!

Zero temperatures or not, the birds have been busy as .... er bees (?) in my garden in the last couple of weeks. We've definitely got a nesting pair of blackbirds and Robins sharing our climbing wall ivy.Good-o! I love watching all the scampering - and taking convoluted alternate routes back to the nest each time they nip "to the stores"! I've re-instated the live webcam link on my sidebar too, to the Nottingham Trent University Peregrines. Last year I was utterly addicted to watching this nesting pair, and it was a total emotional roller coaster; the constant awful rainy weather meant that only one chick survived from four eggs - but he was a real champion. There are eggs in the nest already so I'll be crossing my fingers and tuning in constantly for a first peep of tiny damp chick. You can't get more Spring-y than that!

Ruth XX

Monday, 25 March 2013

Website Update

Ah, what a pretty Spring scene - the only difference here is that those chickies would have to check their reflections in the shiny ice all over the ground!! I'm afraid it's freeeeeeezing cold here in the UK, and all the snow and blizzardy winds are starting to make me feel quite grumpy! In fact I'm looking forward to the start of Easter at the end of the week so I've got good excuses to go and bake chocolate cakes and whip up gooey desserts, and generally wallow in calorie-laden indulgence......a few extra pounds'll keep the cold out won't it? And watching the Four Men appreciatively scoffing something from my fair hand always cheers me up too (but then I'm easily pleased, lol)

I've managed to get a little update done on the website; four new bears are looking for a lovely new home. Here is just one of them; a 3" panda called Won Ton. It's a good job he comes with his Ultrasuede green chilli - a bit of spicy food is just the thing for keeping warm in all the sub-zero temperatures. I think he looks like a little shar-pei with that slightly hang dog expression. A bit like my two little dogs every time the back door is opened for them!

I suppose the weather might improve before all the bank holidays which are approaching. If not, it's still a good opportunity to turn up the fire, settle a dozing doggy on your lap, and get on with creating some more little chaps who really do want to venture out in to the world ;0)

T.T.F.N  Ruth XX

Monday, 4 March 2013

Some adoptions

As I haven't got pics of the table from last Sunday's Winter Bearfest at Hugglets I thought I could at least post the few that were taken before the show. I'm afraid the "packing time" went right down to the wire, and I had literally moments to capture a few of them before they joined their friends in the box!

It was a wonderful day, and I'd like to thank all the people who came to see me and made room for more of my bears (and rabbits and dogs!) in their Hugs. :0)
These pieces have been adopted at the Fair.

"Sandon" from the new Classic Charm collection. 3" tall, made from Vintage Maldon Mills Upholstery Velvet.

"Ted", 1.2" micro-dog. He took four friends off to Switzerland with him, to the Puppenhaus Museum. Lucky little dog!

Ruth XX

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Winter Bear Fest - WIP

Three weeks to go; and here's a glimpse of part of my work-in-progress.I feel as though I'm still "climbing the hill" in terms of actually producing finished, saleable creations (!) at the moment .... but I see light at the end of the tunnel! All being well I should be attending the Hugglets Winter Bear Fest, on 24th Feb', with new micro dogs, new Frivols, a few Spring bears and a lovely new "Timeless" collection of ultra-traditional teds.

I find that I'm sometimes working until 11pm at night, but Hey; I've got a daylight lamp and sewing glasses!!! Although miniature bears do seem very tiny and insignificant they really demand a lot in terms of attention devoted to them! Lol!

I must flutter away now - although not to settle at my sewing yet: I'm in the middle of a Chocolate Orange extravaganza cake for my oldest son, Max, who is 23 today!! Whattttttt!? Seems like he was only recently a sweet chubby cheeked little boy.

Happy Birthday Max!

Ruth xx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

200th Anniversary

The 28th January will mark the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Her work has never been out of print in two hundred years (!) but lots of readers have an extra special soft spot for this novel - and of course the many and varied TV and film adaptations of the book! There has been a whole slew of radio programmes recently, dedicated to the eternal appeal of Miss Austen's story of the Bennet family and their friends, and the marriage fortunes (and misfortunes) of them all.

 I've cosied up with my new Best Mate - or Kindle Fire HD to name it ..... again!!... for the perfect accompaniments of listening to the discussions on BBC iplayer whilst sewing my little ones for Hugglets. What could be more relaxing??? It has also been most obliging in giving me lots of other ways ( or excuses?!) to join in the celebrations; for instance I found a really interesting blog:
 "Austenprose - A Jane Austen Blog"   which is encouraging readers to take part in a challenge to read as many books as you can which are linked to the original novel. My little Kindle has already shown me there are lots of novels inspired by the original ; using a further development of events, or imagining the story from another character's point of view etc. It is always well worth reading any reviews first though, as I'm sure some of them are a bit... um... iffy in calibre.

Anyway, I thought I'd put a short list here of a few of the books / ebooks I've come across which would make a lovely indulgent purchase if you love all things Austen like me!!

"Lydia Bennet's Blog" - Valerie Laws : : deliciously funny and naughty skit on the youngest sister Lydia's version of events, which manages to work in lots of quotes from the original book.

"The Jane Austen Pocket Bible" - Holly Ivins  : : the companion book for all of the novels, with details about Jane herself, and social history of the period.

"May, Lou & Cass, Jane Austen's nieces in Ireland" - Sophia Hillan  : : how the tangled lives of Jane's nieces eerily mirrored some of the situations and histories of characters she had created long before.

"What matters in Jane Austen?" - John Mullan : : twenty questions prompted by the novels are discussed.

"The Real Jane Austen" - Paula Byrne : : this one has just been Radio 4 Book of the Week, and discussing items personal to Jane Austen. The author may just have uncovered the only true illustration of the lady herself (the only other certified likeness was drawn by Jane's sister, Cassandra, of her from behind!)

You could always spend an idle minute taking the quiz at "which Austen heroine are you?" whilst dreaming about the perfect Mr.Darcy.......ahem, back to the multitude of sewing methinks!!

TaTa For Now!
Ruth xxx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

I am now 6 weeks past all that nasty surgery, and I'm feeling so much better! Just in time to start everything anew for a brand new year :0)  I have picked up my materials again; after what feels like an eternity, and I'm under "starters orders" with lovely new creations for Hugglets. I tried not to just totally waste time though, and I've enjoyed making friends with my Kindle Fire (we're Best Friends actually! Lol) I've read through "No Name" by Wilkie Collins, and a new factual book the "Complete History of Jack The Ripper" by Philip Sugden (a somewhat wince-inducing choice when you've just had abdominal surgery!) also "The Turn of the Screw" by Henry James, and I've downloaded lots of books, including many classics that I either own in physical form (some read, some not) or those I would've bought if I'd suddenly received the world's biggest book token! You see there are MANY classic books to download for FREE (yes; actually free - I couldn't believe the serendipitous luck of it either!!!) In fact I like to think of my Kindle like this:-

... on the inside it's a perfect little Georgian styled library - Tardis-like in its semi-infinite capacity!

I don't normally make New Year Resolutions but there are several things I'd like to achieve this year:

* another visit to York

* a journey to Wightwick Manor - Victorian house stuffed with Arts and Crafts decor, and Pre-Raphaelitisms.

* a lovely celebration of my 25th wedding Anniversary, on 25th June. Maybe a luxury stay in Bath?????

* continue making time for some reading before going to bed!

* keep letting my inspiration flow, and work always to my highest standards

* on a more humble / fundamental note; I'd like to be walking / lifting / stretching normally within the next 6 weeks... so I can be totally ME again! Hooray for that day! :0)

Whoever, and wherever you are I wish you continued Good Health and Happiness, and my Best Wishes for 2013.

Mini Beary Hugs,
Ruth XXX