Friday, 22 May 2009

Thank You !

I have received a "Makes My Heart Smile" blog award from Vicki , over at Baggaley Bears - Thank You so much Vicki ! These little awards are a fun part of blogging , and it's always lovely to know that someone has thought of you . Here are the rules :

1. The winner may post the logo on their blog.
2.Put a link to the person who sent the award to you.
3. Nominate 10 blogs.
4.Put a link to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees .

I will be passing "Makes My Heart Smile" on to these great ladies :-

Boot Button Bears - Christine

Jelly Belly Bears - Sarah

Matilda Huggington-Beare
- Wendy

Valewood Bears - Pauline

Pandy Potter Bears - Amanda

Tiny Bear - Tina

I'm afraid it's not quite the full complement but lots of blogs I visit have either received the award already , or I know that the authors are away right now ; so I hope I can be forgiven ! I should really be hogging all my time for creating bears for The Teddy Bear Artist Event which is now galloping up over the horizon (June 7th , Stratford upon Avon Civic Hall ) and if I can ever get my act together I'll post preview photos on here . Talking of previews reminds me I have got this little teaser pic' done for the TBACA Black and White Ball which is a week long event starting on 1st June . It will be a masked ball - so don't expect any more revealing photos than this prior to Miniatures Day on Thursday , 4th June !!

Right , back to sewing now !

T.T.F.N Ruth X

Edited to add :- Hugs and Thank Yous to Paula of All Bear for also passing this award on to me from her blog :0)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

National Limerick Day

Firstly ; apologies for being 2 days late : National Limerick Day was actually on 12th May - so positioned to celebrate the birth of Edward Lear (1812 - 1888) who was the most famous inventor of this cheeky little poetic form .
And here's a very cheeky looking doll to illustrate .. errr ..... the fact that I haven't got any more suitable pictures to put up with this post !

Anyway , whilst I have an idle moment here are a few limericks I made up in minutes . I have great fun with my youngest son in particular , creating these sort of silly rhymes spontaneously. If you're of a certain age (seventies childhood) like me , perhaps you too remember the wonderful Blue Peter Book of Limericks ? It proved that whatever adults could do kids could do better ! I wish I could still recite the one about a hamster called Nelly with smelly , sticky whiskers . Hee Hee :0)

Many members of the Houses of P
Indulged in "expenses" tax free ,
"I was Alright Jack -
But I'll pay it all back -
Soonish , honest.." cringed shamefaced MPs !

There once was a mum with 3 sons ,
Who complained that their washing was tons ,
It was thrown in a heap ,
With socks 6 pairs deep ,
Poor , exasperated mum of 3 sons .

A busy bear-maker one day,
Was heard by her family to say ,
"If I ignored all my heirs
I could make FAR more bears ,
And their meals wouldn't get in the way !"

A teddy whose mum called him Tiddy ,
Was silly and frightfully giddy ,
He whirled round and round ,
And then flopped on the ground -
He didn't have to be silly , now did he ?

After reading this I hope everyone will think up at least one limerick . Cheers Edward Lear ! The world needs more nonsense !

T.T.F.N Ruth x

Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Little Pause in the Sunlight .

Perhaps that should have read "A Little Paws in the Sunlight " ...

You see this is not a latest creation for sale ; in fact looking at the photo you might have already wondered if my standards were slipping ?? No , it's an enlightening little tale of a bear , and his bear maker .

I was rummaging about in one of my sea-grass baskets (useful , tidy , got all the essentials close to hand ) when I suddenly decided to throw away some of the clutter from inside ; a battered unused "useful" box containing my old mini pliers . When I took it out , underneath ; laying squished and utterly forgotten (as in I can't even remember making him ) was this little 2" bear . I picked him out thinking , as I've done many times when encountering way-old creations , "definitely for the bin ....after the eyes are salvaged .." But he looked at me . And I looked back .

Even though his proportions are off , his ears iffy , his nose a no-no, and he's generally all round beartistically challenged I found myself stroking down the dust from his fur and feeling that sudden rush of creatorly love which denies the imperfections - doesn't even care about them ! Somehow he's got bags of character and charm ; a little story to tell . Without him I could never have progressed in my efforts ; there may never have been a Miss Majesty GT nominee , or a BBA award . I realised right then that my little neglected bear was important and should take a tiny bow in the sun !

I have named him "Tiddy" and he sits and watches me work . I'm really attached to him even though his faults are .....ummmmm , disagreeable , critically speaking . I am grateful for his part in my development and I think he's earned his daylight filled retirement - I shall happily keep him in plain view .
As for Tiddy ; he thinks everything has worked out for the best . Just as he planned ! ;0)

Ta Ta from Tiddy !

and from me ,

T.T.F.N Ruth x

Friday, 1 May 2009

Wonderful News !

Oh Me , Oh My !
I saw the list of Golden Teddy nominees on Teddy Talk forum last night and there was my name ! I really can't quite believe I've managed to get through again this year - in amongst some fantastic artists who I really highly regard .

Pinch , pinch :0)
Everything's gone thwibbly and surreal now ....
Here is my 3" tall entry ; "Miss Majesty" who was inspired by the Queens of our realm .

Many Congratulations must go to all the other nominees , quite a few of whom I'm lucky enough to call friends . I feel for those who are disappointed this time too ; Big Hugs to you !

Now , if you'll excuse me I must continue to hold my breath .... in case it's not true .....

Ruth x