Thursday, 19 April 2012

Best thing on tv!!

I've only recently discovered the Nottingham Trent University live webcams and informative blog all about their resident Peregrine Falcons. Apparently the nesting pair are living very happily right on top of the University building - and aren't particularly camera shy! I'm so excited because both Ashley and I will be fascinated by watching the progress of this little family (four eggs cosily under the female!) right up close and personal.

Whenever we go to Hanley; which is our nearest major shopping town, we must mystify a lot of people who see us craning our heads up to "the heavens" as we walk past the super-tall British Telecom building, which is on the way from, or to, Tesco's car park. Although we probably resemble Chicken-Licken and his wife, we are in fact looking out for the resident Peregrines who have treated us to some spectacular aerial displays and often perch on the extreme top corners of the edifice. When you know they're there, they are highly visible and it's so thrilling to glimpse a little of their world. We noticed them by chance about 6 months ago ... so we now feel part of their "inner" circle of admirers! Very often the evidence of their meals is plonked right there on the narrow pavement - as you round the corner ; a bright red little pigeon foot, or a blackbird wing (ahhh sad for them :0(    We noticed there is a nesting box too, but presumably no eggs yet because up to recently we've seen them flying together in the vicinity, the bird above dropping prey to the one below to be caught on the wing. Last week we watched as a shower of feathers puffed in to the air around one of them whilst perched.

So there you are; it definitely pays to scrutinise the skies; there is some enthralling stuff going on up there. Very tall buildings in dense, urban areas with a bit of a pigeon population glut are prime real estate for the fastest animal on this planet ( 200 mph when diving steeply through the air to fix on prey) and their latin name; Falco Peregrinus, means "wandering falcon" - they are found on every continent except Antarctica, so maybe you too have neighbours you hadn't noticed?!

I'll be glued to the screen........

Ruth XX

Thursday, 5 April 2012

"Happy Easter"

I just wanted to wish everyone a lovely Easter holiday, with whatever chocolate, cakes or other treats take your fancy. I'm never quite sure what I'm "supposed" to do at Easter - should it be providing fancy middle-of-the-day meals (like Christmas) or taking advantage of extra shopping days? Should I drop hints about chox I'd like myself or just provide those sort of calories to other people?? Is Easter just another card-shop phenomenon represented by desperate green, yellow and pink window frippery (oooh cynical me!)

In any case I shall enjoy the proximity of my precious family, and I expect I'll bake something nice; it's too good an excuse not to! I'll try and think about chickies and eggs and new beginnings but....... I can't promise! :0)

Wherever it leads you : "Happy Easter"!!

Ruth XX