Friday, 29 October 2010

I Spy

I decided recently that I'd like to have a bit of "low-tech'" gadgetry on my stall at the next bear fair; a magnifying glass, in case anybody would like to inspect the workmanship of my miniatures more closely.I often notice that collectors peer slightly uncomfortably at my very small bears, so I'm more than happy to help with a good look at them and their facial expressions!
I did hold out for a relatively "nice" one though (spurning 2 for £1 in nasty black plastic at Tesco) which I managed to lay my beady eye on in Bakewell market.This one is small and fancy. I also rather like the antique faceted glass table jar I've posed it in too - missing its lid - which became something I couldn't part with after Ashley polished it up and pointed out the screw thread is silver; so probably why the lid went missing.
I know.... small things amuse small minds. Very true but .... I just have an outsize appreciation for them :0)

TaTa For Now,
Ruth xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Happy Birthday! (An 83 gun salute!!)

 Another Trafalgar Day ; yay! It is also my father's birthday so despite the indulgence I've decided to add the little e-card video, which my son made, to my blog!
Many "Happy Returns" of the day Grandpa / Daddy / Reg - from all of us! XXX

Also , here's a quick pic of the next consignment of Witney bears before they jumped in to their parcel.I hope they enjoy their journey to the shop (and there's no squabbling between 3 cheeky little dogs!) I may be able to visit there myself, in February, which would be absolutely great, so "fingers crossed" :0)


T.T.F.N  Ruth XX

Monday, 11 October 2010

Teddy Bears of Witney

I've been so,(sew!) busy since Hugglets, creating Limited Edition pieces. I'm afraid it has kept me from this blog a bit as I've been concentrating so hard on these pieces for Teddy Bears of Witney; which is an Aladdin's cave of teddy-beauty old and new, near Oxford. As the 2011 catalogue has been issued I thought I'd show what I've been doing all these weeks!
First is "Chester and Bramble"; a 2.75" bear in frosted gold Upholstery Velvet, with his 1.2" terrier friend. They are a Limited Edition of 8.

Next are "Willow and Meadow Sweet"; a 3" panda of old gold and pale cream-gold Vintage Upholstery Velvet, with his 1.6" lop-eared rabbit companion. Limited Edition of 5

I've got an extremely packed schedule coming up with The Great Yorkshire Teddy Event, 21st November, a personal swap, "Be My Valentine" show pieces for TBACA, and the Winter Bearfest at Hugglets looming, so if I can get ahead and "find" an unclaimed week so much the better! You'll have to excuse me now so I can get on with this order ... hope I'll get back here a bit quicker next time :0)

T.T.F.N, Ruth xxx

(Teddy Bears of Witney catalogues including these bears can be found at )