Sunday, 11 October 2015

Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards 2015

I was very excited to hear that my entry in the Miniature Dressed Bear under 3.75" category, has received a Judges' Choice Award!

My little 2.6" tall piece; "Joan of Arc" was inspired by my youngest son's involvement with a Medieval Society at Edinburgh University where he's currently in his second year studying. Over the summer he constructed his own chainmail coif (like a hood) and vest - and so I decided to make a tiny tribute to this iconic young lady from that period in history.
I well remember "being" Joan whenever we read the George Bernard Shaw play, for our A levels ... (back a few years ago now!) but she was feisty and vulnerable at the same time; which I tried to portray with small pieces of Long Pile Upholstery Velvet, Ultrasuede and a silver lurex net!

If you would like to see the other Judge's Choice Winners, and vote for your favourites, please click the logo to do so, up until 31st October. Sit back and enjoy!

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