Friday, 13 January 2012

Wise Words

I was looking for a quote to start my 2012 posts with; something to sum up a New Year's attitude or state of mind which will set me off on the right foot. I'm already busy beavering away with bears to take to Hugglets in February... after a short period of procrastination, and quite a bit of tidying and re-arranging of my studio environment (in reality a corner of the lounge, with my armchair next to a shelving unit and small table with drawers underneath)
First of all I chose this;
                       "Learn from yesterday,
                          live for today,
                         hope for tomorrow."

Sagacious words from Albert Einstein, and fitting advice for anybody to follow - but then I came across a quote from Charles Dickens which I just can't resist! At the moment in the UK the BBC is indulging in plenty of Dickens for his bi-centenary, which is fantastic because both the radio and television schedules are awash with adaptations of his novels.OK, so "Great Expectations" was, um, not so great actually (look, I studied the novel for O Level, back in the days when you read the whole book AND subjected it to forensic dissection - so I'm pernickety!!) but there was a half decent stab at finishing "Edwin Drood" - the famously unfinished novel - and the radio presentations are universally brilliant. Tears ran all down my face yesterday, whilst I was sewing and listening on Radio 4, to "David Copperfield", when Gyp and Dora died simultaneously. Anyway, back to the quote:

"The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists."

 It struck me that it's peculiarly apt for those of us who toil lovingly bringing bits of fabric in to a three dimensional life. Of course there can be attractive and lovable manufactured bears and friends; but they never quite carry the same magic spark, and unique personality, which a handmade one can - and I know that anyone reading this appreciates exactly how each of our creations occupies our hearts and takes a small piece with them when they leave our homes and hands.We are all passionate about our creations, our art, and our industry, and our infinite care and attention to our work is something to be proud of; the wonderful results of which shine out in consequence.... and this insight will do very well to keep me inspired for the coming year. Thanks for understanding Charles!  :0)

Ruth XXX