Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Fantasy Ball Will Soon Be Here!

I can't believe we're more than half way through May now ; it will be no time at all before the Fantasy Ball week starts over at TBACA (31st May - 6 June) As well as some delectable , fantastical creations being available from a host of artists, there will also be public voting for the nominated TACDA entries for the prestigious design awards.

I've got my special "peek" pics ready now - huge thanks to my dedicated , patient hubby who uses all his skill to produce what I've got inside my head !!!

I hope that lots of you can join us for some Fantasy Fun!

Before I flit back to my sewing here's a quick photo of "Cherish" ; who was my Golden Teddy nominated piece in the Artist Bears 5" and under , Dressed category. She'll be coming with me to the Stratford TBAE in June so she can be viewed "in the fur"- although as a V.I.B I'll be giving her a permanent home :0)
(Click the pic if you'd like to see her a squillion times bigger than real life!!)

TaTa For Now , Ruth XX

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thursday; Good News Update!

I certainly wasn't expecting to find such a wonderful , exciting, email waiting for me this morning, it's really taken me by surprise - I've received a nomination in this year's Golden Teddy Awards!! I am totally over the moon ; and I really didn't think I'd be lucky enough to get one this time. This is so "hot off the press" that I'm not yet sure which of the 2 bears I submitted received the nomination (I was so thrilled when they were both nominated for the Sydney Bear Fair's People's Choice too) I would just like to say "Thank You very much" to Teddy Bear Review - I appreciate this from the bottom of my heart!

Despite the excitement I shall continue with my little ones for the Stratford show. Time is getting so pressing now, and I've got to that familiar point where you feel you may never finish a single piece ... it's a bit like climbing up the mountain before you get to the top and start easily chugging downhill again!
Next time I hope to post a little teaser picture ready for the Fantasy Ball over at TBACA - can't wait!

Well , limp little furry bodies are waiting...

TaTa For Now , Ruth XX

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Pretties in the Post

You know , the Postman doesn't always bring disagreeable things to the door; like bills and junk mailings. Sometimes you get a big surprise ... like I did this afternoon, when I found a package all the way from Denmark waiting for me!

Look at my lovely gifts from my very special friend Tina (of Tiny Bear fame) ; a beautiful vintage cream fabric "pocket" with frothy ribbon and button trims , which was packed with mini-bear Upholstery Velvets , and a sweet little bundle tied with vintage lace, full of tiny bit-bobs to delight any miniaturist! Thank you so very much Tina from the bottom of my heart! If you'd like to check out Tina's magical way with vintage pretties take a look here
It was raining hard all this morning , but now the sun has come out and I definitely feel like smiling! :0)
I'm about to get stuck in to creating some new bears for the Stratford Teddy Bear Artist Event ... and I might just have to use that intriguing long purple fur you can see in the photo...

I can't let today's post go without mentioning the big event of the day - namely The General Election , here in the UK. After all that media coverage of hot air , cheesy waffle and weasely obfuscation, the people will get their say. Did you know that it wasn't until 1928 that all women over 18 were finally granted full voting rights? I exercised my equal and democratic rights early this morning ; up at the weeny little church polling station. I was even glad to go out in the pouring rain! Speaking as the mother of a first time voter (aged 20) I sincerely hope that the Facebook / Big Brother / PS3 generation will think it worth the "shoe-leather" to get out of the house and do the same!?!

T.T.F.N  Ruth XX