Thursday, 22 September 2011

New available dogs and bears

More hours please! That would be great wouldn't it? More hours in every day to get done everything which is essential. Unfortunately the days are already getting colder and darker, and I'm awash with pieces of Limited Edition bears for the new Teddy Bears of Witney catalogue - which is just as beautiful and enticing as ever.It gives me a wonderful thrill of delight just to have some of my bears included in those stylish, and (for me) aspirational pages! Here are two sets available, in editions of 6 each:

"Jade and Gem" - largest panda 2.25"

"Solar and Star" - largest polar 2"

The new 2012 catalogue can be purchased through the online shop pages here

I also have news of a  litter of micro-pups which are exclusively appearing on my page at The Pursuit of Excellence artist collective; here's a sneak peek-

These little ones are available individually now (via convenient PayPal buttons) and I will continue to have exclusive items featured there, as well as pieces for the "Deck the Halls" online show; which starts on 11th to 14th of November, offering work from nine artists.

Before rushing back to my needles; Many Thanks to everybody who adopted a bear, or came for a friendly chat at Hugglets. I had a lovely time next to Melanie Jayne of Bear Treasures, and I was really delighted to pass "Coffee" on to a new owner enabling me to make that vital donation to the Macmillan "World's Biggest Coffee Morning". Many Cheers,

Ruth xx

Monday, 5 September 2011

Hugglets soon!!

It's the end of the "silly season" for me and the bears, after what feels like a very long time! Work will resume as normal for me today with far less of those distractions that Summer brings; the endless milling in and out of the offspring, the jaunts to places of interest near and far, taking a couple of hours "out" because "the sun's shining" - oh, and it's a dreary, windy day here; which whispers "Winter soon..." (let alone Autumn!) on it's all too willing breezes.Um... can you tell I've been away from the keyboard too long! :0)

It will be the Hugglets fair this Sunday (11th September) at Kensington Town Hall, so without further ado here are a few peeks at bearies who will be attending. Above is my fund raising, 2.6" chap; "Coffee". He's made from a gorgeously dense long piled cashmere Upholstery Velvet. Proceeds from the sale will go to the Macmillan cancer charity- I really hope he'll find a special new home on the day.

"Teatime Too" is a very special piece which I have lavished my attention on (truly "love in every stitch"!) inspired by the overwhelming, positive reaction I had to my winning BBA teacup bears. Here are "Fern" (3") and her tiny bear, with "Tetley" the pup* looking over the side of a beautiful Aynsley Fern cup and saucer. I researched the backstamp on the ceramic and it appears they date between 1932 and 1939 - as such they are very collectible in their own right and would retail up to £40. I just thought they were wonderful Autumny colours with a vibrant glimmer of gold; and I kept the bears in a toning palette too.

Hopefully I will manage to wade through all our excursion photos soon. We visited some amazing places in Bristol and Bath ... and you all know by now how much I love to share them!!

TaTa For Now,
Ruth XX

* Tetley is a brand of tea in the UK!