Saturday, 14 July 2007

Blooming Marvellous !

Ok , so all the lovely flowers which shine out like my garden's jewellery are definitely looking worse for wear, due to the excessive amounts of wet stuff coming out of the sky ! I absolutely adore blooms of every kind , so to cheer everyone up I've decided to post these pics , taken last summer by my husband - showing some really glorious examples .All these flowers were brightening the formal borders at Forde Abbey in Devon , which is a National Trust property .I would like him to know that I think he is a wonderful photographer ; and I couldn't show my bears off to full advantage without his expertise !
Enjoy !!

T.T.F.N Ruth xx


Vee said...

wow! love the one with the bumblebee!

Ruth said...

Thankyou Vee - he does love his macro shots !!
Mini Hugs, Ruth

Tina Jensen said...

Those pics are so lovely Ruth.
It´s the most amazing colors.

Aleta said...

Absolutely stunning photos!! Those flowers are just beautiful. Your hubby has quite a knack with the photography!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Ruth said...

Ooohh thanks Tina , Aleta ! He'll be preening his feathers now !!
Mini Hugs , Ruth