Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Peeking 2 !

Well ... I wasn't anticipating having to confess two hours after my previous entry !!! Teddy Bear Scene just plunked on to the mat a couple of hours ago and (ahem) poor little Pollyanna isn't a final nominee . I don't feel down-hearted though ; I still love the way she came out , and I will keep her with my most precious bears . Here she is anyway - she still looks full of curiosity and a little mischief .........


Ruth xx


TinyBear said...

She is really sweet and so well done. Sorry you didn´t got a nominee, neither did I. The competion is really hard. But she really is a sweetheart.
hugs Tina

Ruth said...

Oh Tina ! You are lovely !! Commiserations to you too !
Big Hugs , Ruth xx