Tuesday, 4 September 2007

A New Start

It was time for my youngest son to start High School today ...
the Primary school he used to attend is just a short walk up the road ; I can see it from my bedroom window . Now , Brett has opted to cycle to school ( ONLY 3 and a half miles away on hilly , narrow , winding , people-mover packed roads !) and his older brother , Guy , who is in the last year of the school , has taken on the responsibility of shepherding the tender "newbie" on his way . After testing out the route a couple of days ago with Guy and his friend who are cycling veterans , Brett declared he could "easily" manage the distance/effort every day !

Seeing Brett standing there in his brand new school uniform (leaving aside the question of the hair - which in fact has been cut !) I finally got to "see" more than just the turned up blazer sleeves , and re-hemmed trousers , the you-don't-want-to-know-how-many sewn in name labels , and other minor alterations - easily my least favourite sort of sewing . He looks .... older . Yes , he's gotten older this summer . Taller too.
So that's that.
Ping goes another apron string !

Ruth xx

Brett's summer persona !


Vee said...

He looks a handsome young man now Ruth!
How I wish there were uniforms in this country.. (the parade of kids sauntering off to school or a bus here is pretty disgusting these days ) Twelve year old girls that look like they should be heading over to 2nd Avenue to do the $10 hooker stroll.
All I can say is thank God the soft, ugly, wobbly, totally unfit skin of an overweight bare belly is now passe with the new longer over-dress fashions...... what happened to kids being healthy and fit too? Most of them could not bicycle a mile if their life depended on it. sigh.....

Ruth said...

LOL , I shall tell him Vee , thanks !
Even though I dread Septembers and the hated name labelling CHORE , I agree that uniforms are so much better ; all UK kids wear them until 17+ college starts .
I'm afraid most children have forgotten the use of their legs - my middle son and friends are viewed as bike-nuts ! They much prefer to get where they're going under their OWN steam .They go out in ALL weathers too .I've stood by my windows waiting to spot him coming up the hill (a challenge to the average teen in its own right HA !)amongst piled snow drifts .Occasionally he's gotten home and poured the entire contents of a cloud - or two - on to the kitchen floor !
BUT ,whilst I worry , I acknowledge I have a hardy , wiry , super fit son , who knows his way around !
I think it's way past time for more parents to get their kids on what we call "Shanks' Pony" ..... in other words their own leg-power !