Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Small things that annoy ...

I don't know , maybe I'm losing my sense of humour but sometimes seemingly innocuous things really annoy me . Take the other day in Tesco ; as I passed by the stand of little pinkie-pretty baby bits suddenly I was all narrow eyes and teeth on edge .They were selling sets of 2 little tops - age 6 to 9 months , the front one was pink and had a slogan : "Does my bum look big in this ?"
Just what are we saying here ? Is it harmlessly ha-ha funny , or insidious stereo typing clap-trap ??? I thought the latter ; wholly inappropriate in a way you could produce a university thesis about !! (let's reinforce body image insecurity while they're young heh ?) I didn't see any blue tops saying "How's my hairline looking?" I would like to think that on the other side it actually said "Well duh ; I'm wearing a nappy (as I'm an infant who the heck would care about the size of my posterior - idiot !) "
I'll just have to file it in a list of Most Crass Things Someone Thought You Might Buy (Not).

Excuse me I'm feeling too serious - I need to go and find something genuinely inane to laugh at !!

Ruth x

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All Bear said...

Must agree with you ... why would anyone want to do that to gorgeous wee baby girls? Lazy marketing. Hmph.