Friday, 30 May 2008

Bit of a Challenge !

Hellooooo ,
My fingers are truanting from sewing long enough to post up my entry for the Exhibitors' Challenge which will take place at the Stratford Teddy Bear Artist Event in little over a week's time ! As the theme is The Four Seasons , he will be appearing in the Autumn section - together with his rather fanciful lepidopteran chum . I had great fun making the teeny tiny maple leaf pendant from shrink plastic .... well , they do say ; "small things amuse small minds". Oh yes , and why does it take extra ages to casually / artlessly arrange things (ie . the felt leaves) to look as though they haven't been arranged at all ?

More photos next week ... on with the sewing !

T.T.F.N , Ruth x


All Bear said...

What a fabulous entry Ruth! I love it!

Ruth said...

Thank you Paula ! Best of luck with your "Spring" entry too !