Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Bit More Buxton ...

We took the day off on Friday and decided to take the helter-skelter roads over to Buxton for a mooch around . Even though it was the most beautifully dazzling , bright spring day the clouds were still hovering low over the tops of the hills in the Peak District Park - we had to wait for the journey home before we could spot all the sweet little lambs in those rugged fields , as they were previously hidden under grey , damp blankets of fog !

I did manage to learn a few new things ; there has been a Heritage Regeneration programme in Buxton since 2000 ( last time we visited The Crescent was being worked on) partly funded with National Lottery donations , and there are now plans for a five-star , luxury Spa Hotel right in the centre of the town . It will be situated in The Crescent , and the original Pump Room (the small building facing The Crescent in the photo) will be restored to its former glory as a place inviting the public to take the mineral rich waters . The blurb , on huge boards inside the old Pavilion - which is itself set in restored gardens - states that it will be one of only 2 naturally occurring spa hotels in the country ; so surely the other must be in Bath . Which is one of my favourite places :0) If you remember , there is a Royal Crescent in Bath which is on a grand scale to make Buxton's pretender seem .... "compact and bijoux". Whilst it may be a modest challenger it's still elegant , Regency and majestically fits its own landscape !

Much of the architecture appears to have been cleaned ; you know how interesting buildings seem to gain a beacon of light on them that directs your gaze . We spotted this enchanting doorway . I can't decide if the message is more stern or solicitous .

Interestingly , Buxton hospital was one which Florence Nightingale tried to reform prior to 1860 , originally the patients were barely receiving any "care" at all . After that time the 6th Duke of Devonshire started a charity hospital , and more effort was given to facilitating the taking of the waters for patients .

The last photo speaks for itself really - this is the War Memorial in the gardens high above The Crescent . I particularly like the way Ashley has captured this part of it specifically , cutting out the more flowery decoration . These memorials are all so powerful when you take time to stop still for a second. Here we were standing on a quiet , sunny , go-slowly day enjoying the views . On the statue the inscription ;"Pro Patria Mori " ( Died for Their Country) Impossible not to be moved .

Enjoy your day ,wherever you are ,

T.T.F.N Ruth X

(See previous Bath and Buxton posts in 2008 archive)


ginger said...

I'm enjoying your terrific photos! Thanks for allowing a few virtual travellers to come along.

Amanda said...

Buxton is a lovely run out. Years ago I did the bear fairs that were held there. The park is lovely too and on the way back, a walk around Tittesworth Reservoir. Not so often now Amy is older. Lovely photos!

TinyBear said...

Oh - you have SO many beautiful spots in you country Ruth. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Tina

Ruth said...

Ooooh ladies - Big Hi to you all !
I noticed they have 2 day fairs for all sorts in Buxton ... shame they don't have beary ones any more .
I've never been to Tittesworth Amanda , but I've heard people mention it .That must be the "lake" en-route then ; I'll tell H.I.D !

Boot Button Bears said...

Your photos look just gorgeous Ruth. We were booked to come to England in September, but have had to now cancel due to my husband's illness. We will get there one day and I am so inspired by your wonderful photos and descriptions.
Hugs, Christine. xxx

Ruth said...

Bless you Christine - I'll be very happy to think this little blog might chase off some of your disappointment .I'm sending all my wishes for you to visit the UK together one day soon !
Lots of Hugs ,
Ruth x

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