Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Quiet Reflection

We visited Little Moreton Hall on the Friday and by Sunday I was back in another National Trust property ! This time it was Anglesey Abbey , which is situated in the next village on from where my parents live in Cambridgeshire .

OK , it wasn't the best sunniest weather , and this isn't the finest example of a former Abbey converted to a home - although the interior is interesting in that it has survived as though just left for a few moments by the late owner Lord Fairhaven , and every wall seems to be liberally hung with art works including some by Claude Lorraine and Edward Landseer . What this place does have is a certain contemplative beauty around every corner ; it's slightly indefinable .... like a shy appreciation of nature at its best , it feels like somebody's garden - all be it a spectacularly huge one .

The three of us happily drifted around exploring the Winter Walk with its pretty paper-curling barked trees , the long avenues ( sadly littered with dead Horse-Chestnut leaves as if emulating Autumn ) Dahlia Garden , and restored Lode Flour Mill on the river . Sometimes opening your eyes is all you need for soothing, quiet reflection.

Were the trees watching us too ?

Here's to the calm persuasion of Mother Nature , aided by her gardeners . Enjoy !

T.T.F.N Ruth XX


lapousmor said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAh, such a beautiful garden! It looks like I am not the only one fancying taking photos of flowers.
Yours are gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing.


Bearly Sane said...

Sophie's right Ruth...beautiful photos of wonderful flowers. You do so enjoy those trust buildings don't you? Glad you took me along for the ride!
Warm Fuzzies,

Ruth said...

HeeHeee - I'm on a mission Sandi :0)
I suppose I could re-join as a member which gives free-entry after you've paid a yearly sub' but I'm not sure I want to be "locked in" to it - been there and done that for over a decade !!

Sophie - my hubby Ashley (as always) is the dedicated photographer who never goes anywhere without his camera(s)
Hugs for you both ,
Ruth x