Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Nomination !

I was highly delighted to receive news that I've been nominated in the Single Miniature Bear category of the British Bear Artist awards with this little 3" girl above ; "Party-Time Tiffany".
My son brought the post in , and I was genuinely surprised when I opened the letter from the organiser and out fell this lovely , sunny rosette !

I'm so glad that I decided to enter - it is quite a commitment to get to the final judging event in Hove - but in the end I gave myself one chance by entering just one category only ; and what would be would be :0) Well , I have a hotel booked now , and I'm anticipating having a lovely weekend away with my husband and youngest son. We'll explore Tunbridge Wells on the Saturday (where there are 2 National Trust castles .... with moats !!) and then on to the British Bear Fair on the Sunday .

Woohooo ; I'm feeling really excited now !

T.T.F.N Ruth XX


Amanda said...

Well done Ruth, thats something to look forward to. Its definitely been your year.

Cheryl said...

Congratulations, Ruth! It's well deserved!
Warm wishes,

TinyBear said...

OOOOOHHHHH - that is so great news Ruth, and so well deserved. I´ll have my fingers crossed for you. I´m sure you will do well.
And I´m sure all 3 of you will have a lovely weekend too.
Have a lovely week.
Many hugs

lapousmor said...

Congratulations, Ruth!
She is exquisite!


Ruth said...

Oh , thank you , thank you ladies !
It's not going to be long until Dec 13th is it ?!Goodness the calendar has wooshed round this year ! :0)

Les Bears said...

Congratulations Ruth! Good luck for the 13th.

Ruth said...

Hi Lesley - thank you so much :0)
Won't be long 'til I'm feeling those familiar nerves !!

Bearly Sane said...

Congratulations Ruthie Babe! Love this wee one...but when have I not loved your bears?