Monday, 11 October 2010

Teddy Bears of Witney

I've been so,(sew!) busy since Hugglets, creating Limited Edition pieces. I'm afraid it has kept me from this blog a bit as I've been concentrating so hard on these pieces for Teddy Bears of Witney; which is an Aladdin's cave of teddy-beauty old and new, near Oxford. As the 2011 catalogue has been issued I thought I'd show what I've been doing all these weeks!
First is "Chester and Bramble"; a 2.75" bear in frosted gold Upholstery Velvet, with his 1.2" terrier friend. They are a Limited Edition of 8.

Next are "Willow and Meadow Sweet"; a 3" panda of old gold and pale cream-gold Vintage Upholstery Velvet, with his 1.6" lop-eared rabbit companion. Limited Edition of 5

I've got an extremely packed schedule coming up with The Great Yorkshire Teddy Event, 21st November, a personal swap, "Be My Valentine" show pieces for TBACA, and the Winter Bearfest at Hugglets looming, so if I can get ahead and "find" an unclaimed week so much the better! You'll have to excuse me now so I can get on with this order ... hope I'll get back here a bit quicker next time :0)

T.T.F.N, Ruth xxx

(Teddy Bears of Witney catalogues including these bears can be found at )


Sandy Shore said...

Beautiful bears and friends Ruth! Remember to take time for yourself.

Ruth said...

Thank you so much :0)
Must admit any "me time" is way in the back seat at the moment!I'm looking forward to that breathing space, heehee.

Ruth x

Leny said...

Like it a lot,lovely work.


Ruth said...

Ahh , thank you kindly , Leny!

Mini Hugs , Ruth

Anonymous said...
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