Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Little Blue "Skye"

This tiny little fellow is looking for a good home. He's 1.4" tall (when standing) made from pale blue vintage Rayon, with onyx bead eyes, a cotter-pinned head, and thread-jointed limbs. The button seat has a 2" wide felt flower attached to it, which is decorated with glass petite seed beads."Skye" is wearing a brown lacy scarf of crinkled lacet thread. £40 GBP.
For a bit of fun I thought I'd try to post a picture of him at actual size:-

Not bad! Sadly I may not be able to make many more teeny, tiny bears like this - I just can't find suppliers of 1mm onyx bead eyes; I ordered some recently from the only supplier carrying them, and whilst they will be extremely useful within the graded sizes I have (actually all professing to be 2mm, but I've graded them in to 6 sizes!!) they are just not tiny enough.I find that getting hold of the really tiny cotter pins is also difficult ... none are ever quite as "right" as though which used to come from Dinky Do miniature supplies, and ditto the hard board / vinyl / metal washers. My stash is ever-dwindling, and desperation is looming over the horizon!!!
 Any ideas or leads would be truly appreciated folks :0)

T.T.F.N  Ruth xx


susana said...

really precious, as it's suggested by the relationship of the button. wish you can find those tiny onyx eyes soon.

Amanda said...

Its a pain when you start running out. I can't remember now if Hobby craft sold the onyx beads...I used to get of my stuff from Sassy in US.

Skye is a very little stunner!

Ruth said...

Thanks you two! Sassy have been out of the 1mm for ages :0( the only alternative is garnet 1mm ... but would the bears look evil with red eyes??!!! Lol!

Abbey Rochford said...

OMG however do you manage to make them so tiny? He's very cute Ruth.
Sorry can't help with mini stuff, hope someone can assist you soon.

SweetCandyDreams said...

aww, so small sweety :) Adorable

Ruth said...

Hi Abbey, Sweet Candy Dreams, it is so nice to "meet" you :0)Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by.I have also enjoyed "visiting" over at your blogs!

Mini Hugs, Ruth xx