Friday, 6 May 2011

The Australian Creative Design Awards- Nomination!!

The 2011 Awards theme was "Celebrating Beatrix Potter"; a dream for me as I am a life-long fan of Miss P's work, so I was totally over-the-moon to hear that my entry was nominated through to the last ten! I can now reveal her to the world :-
"Miss Velvetina Water Vole"

I decided I would try to create a water vole quite soon after registering for the competition. These gorgeous little creatures are having a really tough time to survive in the UK, although in Beatrix' time it would've been a common sight to see the little rodents busily swimming and scurrying about our many waterways and rivers. She is my invention of a Beatrix Potter character - I imagined her bustling along with a bag full of calling cards; visiting all the little homes of riverbank neighbours, and living life in a social whirl of Edwardian etiquette.I think she'd be most particular about her silk "hair" ribbon and the one tied in a bow on her tail. In my story they would be always coming tiresomely undone as she swam hither and thither! Maybe her sweet little slippers would conspire to float away continuously too ... and her frothy lace collar would get very drippy! What would her Mama say?!

To see all the wonderful entries in the competition together, and place a vote for your favourite in the "People's Photographic Choice", visit here  and click on the rabbit.I'm sure everyone would agree with me that they are a fantastically diverse group of critters! The voting will be open until 4th June.Best of all, every entry will be available for purchase from 1st  to the 5th June - first come first served!

We will find out the winners from the hands on judging on June 5th. In the meantime here's a link to view the 10 nominees. Congratulations to them, and all the participants. Also, many thanks to Sandi for organising this prestigious competition.

With very Happy Hugs,
Ruth xxx


Kays Kids said...

Velvetina is very sweet, I would love her to leave a calling card at my house.

ginger@bearbits said...

Congratulations Ruth! I learned something about voles today too. I wish you much success with this creation!


Bearly Sane said...

Having seen her first hand I am astounded at the workmanship ... the judges were examining those tiny stitches with a magnifying glass, I don't think they could believe their eyes, your stitches are sooo tiny Ruth.
Congratulations on a beautiful entry.
Warmest hugs,

Ruth said...

Thanks for stopping by Kay, and Ginger. Do you have voles in Oz and USA??
Sandi, I'm really "chuffed" to hear that!(It's a good thing by the way!)Seems to be the only way I can work - keep 'em micro-tiny!!

Hugs to you All,
xxx :0)

bensonbear said...

Congratulations, Ruth! We don't have voles in Oz and certainly not ones dressed like THAT! :o) I love Vevetina's story <3

Mima's Bears said...

Congratulations Ruth, she's a darling !!!

Ruth said...

Thanks Linda and Robyn!
So glad to see both your nominations there too! :0) xxx