Monday, 6 June 2011

I'm Very Honoured...

... to have won "Best Miniature Design and Workmanship Excellence" in the ACD Awards!! Wowee, I've been bursting with pride ever since I heard the news. Here is my lovely glass award trophy (the little gold one is sent to each nominee)

I am particularly thrilled to have won this award as the final nominees are scrutinised by three hands-on judges, and having received the critique sheets back I can tell you that it is an extremely rigorous process! At first it felt like opening a school report again (would it be very good or so-so??) but I was delighted (and relieved) to read it through and place Velvetina as an "A" student! I did get some lovely positive comments as well - actually, I'm not sure if I've stopped grinning since :0)

Next year the theme is "Under the big top" and I feel certain that the Awards will go from strength to strength, with lots more entrants, as taking part is truly testing and challenging for each artist.Many Congratulations to all of the particpants, and to Robyn Roe, and Linda Down who also received awards., and especially to the judges and Sandi Smith who has worked so incredibly hard to organize everything. Hugs and Kisses! ((xx))

Finally, I thought I'd post a pic of Miss Velvetina Water Vole from another angle:

TaTa For Now,
Ruth XX


Mima's Bears said...

Congratulations Ruth ! Your Miss Velvetina Water Vole is exquisite!!!

Kays Kids said...

Congratulations, what a thrill for you.
Your little critter is wonderful

Bearly Sane said...

Congratulations once again Ruth, this was a well deserved win!

I am thrilled that Miss Velvetina Water Vole has joined my hug...she is so beautifully made and I still cannot get over those gorgeous wee need a microscope to see your stitches!!
Lots of hugs,

susana said...

congratulations, Ruth, what a fair lady you design!

Ruth said...

Thank you, thank you :0) *grins* This was just the best ever theme for me! I hope Miss Potter would have liked her too. Sandi I'm soooo glad she is now living in the sun with you; thank you a million times for giving her a wonderful new home!

Joyful Hugs,
Ruth xxxx