Thursday, 5 April 2012

"Happy Easter"

I just wanted to wish everyone a lovely Easter holiday, with whatever chocolate, cakes or other treats take your fancy. I'm never quite sure what I'm "supposed" to do at Easter - should it be providing fancy middle-of-the-day meals (like Christmas) or taking advantage of extra shopping days? Should I drop hints about chox I'd like myself or just provide those sort of calories to other people?? Is Easter just another card-shop phenomenon represented by desperate green, yellow and pink window frippery (oooh cynical me!)

In any case I shall enjoy the proximity of my precious family, and I expect I'll bake something nice; it's too good an excuse not to! I'll try and think about chickies and eggs and new beginnings but....... I can't promise! :0)

Wherever it leads you : "Happy Easter"!!

Ruth XX

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Kays Kids said...

Hi Ruth,
Happy Easter to you and your family. Just a little chocolate won't go astray.