Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Another Show!

"Welcome to my home!"

This little robin has made a very comfy moss lined nest inside the ornamental fish at the bottom of my garden! Ashley managed to get a couple of snaps, through the fish's gaping mouth, with a long lens.In spite of the never ending rain this little family seems to be doing OK, and it appears the fish shape is actually keeping the wet off them. We see both the male and female dashing all round the garden collecting buggy bits, and popping in and out tirelessly! How resourceful of them! I hope they come back next year :0)

What a sweet little lodger!
Ruth XX


Kays Kids said...

That is the sweetest thing to happen in your garden. How precious, I hope they raise there babies well.

Ruth said...

We've had soooo much rain again here! I was glad to see that the robins are still gathering food in spite of it!!

Mini Hugs, Ruth