Friday, 7 September 2012

Hugglets on Sunday!

Just time for a hasty preview of a couple of pieces I'll be taking to Hugglets, Kensington, for the Teddies 2012 fair.

Tailors of Gloucester mice, on their cotton spools.

Three of the micro Hobby Horses.

Close up of "Tea with Sugar" (no.3 in the Teatime Treasury)

I'm leaving tomorrow morning, to enjoy Saturday at the Greenwich Maritime Museum, The Observatory and hopefully The Queen's Palace - there's sure to be loads of photo opportunities! For now, I need to do more rushing around; sorting out what to take, and what to leave - for my little dogs and 2 older sons!!

Until next time, TaTa for now!,
Ruth XX


Kays Kids said...

Ruth I know the rush in packing up and getting ready. Then it is the carting in. When it is all set up the fun begins. Seeing friends and new buyers the day goes by very quickly.
The best of luck.

Ruth said...

We had a lovely weekend, and met up with lots of lovely people on the day. Exhausted now!!!

Misia said...
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manav said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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