Thursday, 3 May 2007

A Teaser and a Taster .

And so back to some serious bear making....... I've kept my fingers busy for the last couple of days , and switched my eyes to hyper-critical vision ; the better to minutely perfect the tiniest detail of the wee bear I've just finished . I'm afraid I can't possibly divulge any details about him/her/it for a few months ,but here is a teasing picture of a mystery shroud !

Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? Is there anything actually under there ?!

Could it possibly be something to do with a competition run by a well known magazine ??? Perhaps you will check back with this space to find out ...

I have also decided to introduce bears from my own little Hug , hopefully at the beginning of each month . They will be appearing in truly cosseted style on "The Pretty Chair". In fact I have made quite a few bears in the past who have never left me or their friends , and seem to have no intention of doing so ! The Pretty Chair is a Christmas ornament that I've always had in mind as a photographic prop but never used . So here it is ; a taste of things to come , in all its gaudy glory .

The May Pretty Chair Bear is Hugh - a very shy , Vintage Long Pile 2.5 incher with Ultrasuede paw pads.

By the way I have been having a few phone lessons with my 11 year old son recently . He stands over me with an expression on his face which is a mixture of exasperation , (at old people obviously) and that freaked out look new mothers get when clumsy relatives first start picking up their beloved baby , and you can just see them itching to snatch it back !
Ho Hum - he doesn't need a manual you see , because he is a) male ("let's just chuck this pointless set of instructions away/under my dirty socks /to the back of the wardrobe/ in the box of things marked invisible ") and b) too young to have properly formed any gadget conspiracy theories .Let's just say progress is slow , and I hope I'm not that impatient when I'm trying to teach him something !!

Ta Ta For Now , Ruth xx

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