Monday, 30 April 2007

Poetic and Techno Fiddlings.

Time for some poetry , it is a beautiful day (for a Monday ) which has inspired me to jot down some Haiku . The traditional form is 5 , then 7 , then 5 syllables in 3 lines of poetry . A "season" word should also be included when taking a strict interpretation , and the subject matter is centred on nature ; with a serious theme . Senryu , on the other hand , has the same form of 17 syllables but is often about human foibles , and can be "cynical or darkly humorous " hmm ......

April Haiku

Bright sunbathing blooms ;
Spring is clothed with Summer's veil -
Heat upon my skin .

I was thinking of the luscious tilting heads of lilac , stirring their heady scent in my garden at least a couple of weeks early ; the weather being so un-seasonably warm .

Here is a less serious beary themed one -

Spring brought new fabric -
Stitching in sunlight kissed pools ;
Smile tiny bear !

At some point I really must stop all my distractions - like learning to blog ! - an
d pick up the tiny little furry pieces of my creations . I have also got side-tracked by the mobile phone I had for my 44th birthday . As a fully paid up Technophobe I can still utterly admire the seductively sleek fuschia red body lines of its " slide-out" form , and marvel at the teeny tiny elegant keys on the pad , but there , all serenity ends ! No matter how hard I scrutinise the alarmingly thick manual I can't get even the basic functions in to my head ! I understand that Shintoists believe every inanimate object has its own "kami" , or spirit . Well , this style conscious phone has either a cunningly evasive one , or it is sneakily malevolent . Or possibly both . I was so sure I needed it , in the phone shop - doesn't seem quite such a great idea now ......
I suspect this techno-tart , fibbly jibbly phone would rather have been carried off by some 20 year old with a teensy handbag the size of one of the inner zipped pockets in mine ! It's going to be so bored with only 10% of it's available functions ever gotten to grips with ......quick I feel a Senryu coming on ;


Lipstick coloured phone
Oh ! Inscrutable object -
Desire waning .


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