Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Bye Bye Dust Bunnies !!

Phew ! Now I've finished my 5 pieces for the Bear Artists Online Winter Warmer show I can take a breath , and survey the dusty wreckage of my house ! I'm afraid I've neglected it somewhat due to the intense focus on my work - well there was a deadline after all. Now I have the rest of the half term holiday to hoover ,squirt, sweep and generally flick the dusters about (boring ....yawn...) Ah yes , I was about to make a micro rabbit , as someone had asked after them ... and oh yes , I have a couple of dancing bears pencilled in for November .... well , it's nearly November .Isn't it ?

I'm showing one of the Winter Warmers here ; a 3" angel bear : "Cherub" , made from vintage Malden Mills upholstery velvet . She has her own starry cushion - which is also an ornament to hang on the tree ! I have to say I'm particularly pleased with her 1" high angel micro-doll , which is made out of ultrasuede , with appliqued ribbon and tiny star sequins . It took me half a day to make ! I got some of those long suffering looks from the husband ; as if to say "how can anyone spend half a day on that? Wait , I'll hold it at arm's length so I can see what it actually is.."

I shall definitely be making more micro-dolls . Where's some paper, and card ... and my ultrasuede stack ? What dust ? I can't see it anymore ...

T.T.F.N Ruth x


TinyBear said...

Awww Ruth. She is SO lovely,and so are her little doll. I´m sure she´ll be sold immediately after the show opens. What a great idea with the ornament. Many mini hugs, Tina

Ruth said...

I'd be quite sad to see this one fly away , LOL :0)
Thanks Tina,
Ruth x

Donna Griffin said...

Ruth, this little angel is just precious. You have such great little ideas - and you must have very small fingers to make that little doll! I'm sure she will fly away to a new Mom or Dad right away.
Hugs to you, Donna

Ruth said...

How lovely of you to visit Donna :0)Your positive comments mean a lot to me , thank you !
Mini Hugs , Ruth

All Bear said...

She's so pretty! I think she's my absolute favourite of your WW's, although it's hard to choose. Got to sympathise a wee bit with your husband though, I suffer from the having to hold things at arm's length to seem them too! I'd be a disastrous miniaturist that's for sure!