Friday, 16 November 2007

This Little Bunny ....

Well , I managed to finish my micro-rabbit just after the BAO show .He is 7cm (1.9") tall , made from Upholstery velvet with a dark backing .He has a carrot pouch - 7.5cm (3") long , which is made from a felt with a sort of glitter treatment on it ; quite sparkly in the right light . As the "carrot" is heart-shaped perhaps I will send his photos in for possible Valentine's Day inclusion in one of the magazines .
I must say this "thinking ahead" lark is very brain-straining !!

T.T.F.N Ruth x


All Bear said...

Such cuteness in so tiny a piece! I'm in awe!!

Ruth said...

Ah , that's so kind Paula :0)
I feel "ditto in reverse" about your beautiful work on bigguns !!!
Huggies , Ruth