Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Expanding Horizons of 2008.

Time to wish everybody a very "Happy New Year !" I spent the crucial seconds of the changeover in bed reading a good book (Rhett Butler's People if you're remotely interested !) . However , I was accompanied in my endeavour by resounding fireworks from , apparently , all over the estate - so obviously a lot of folk had an extremely jolly time of things !

I had barely had time to ponder on where this year will lead me with my bear making , when I was surprised to get an email from a UK bear magazine ..... a very , very nice one that I was so pleased and excited to receive !! So watch this space !
I hope that I can continue to build on my achievements of last year , and another Artist Profile will be a great start . I will be giving June's Teddy Bear Artist
Event lots of my attention as well - so much to plan and produce ! I'm sure people can hear my brain clanking ! LOL

As this is a quick post , I hope you'll enjoy some of Ashley's end of year photography . These pictures were taken on Wicken Fen which is about 3 miles from my parents' home , where we spent a peaceful Christmas .
It is a landscape my husband returns to often ; recording change in the seasons and more subtle conditions . The National Trust manages the land which is a protected habitat , and stocks it with these hardy Konik ponies who run wild , and graze down the vegetation performing an important role in the area's ecology .

T.T.F.N Ruth x

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