Friday, 25 January 2008

Which Jane Austen heroine are you ?

I saw the picture link to this amusing quiz on Lisa's Q.D Patooties blog .You can see it here on mine now , at the bottom of my bear photos . Well don't be silly , of course I had to have a go straight away !! I was delighted to be pronounced "Elizabeth Bennett" - although if you know Jane Austen's novels very well you need to be mindful of choosing the most truthful responses , and not the ones which obviously pertain to your preferred female principal character !
So "Yay" for Elizabeth B ; much as I love the book Mansfield Park , I wouldn't want to be pronounced a Fanny Price ! I'm just not that much of a passive self-sacrificer , and Marianne Dashwood's a bit too ninny-like ; although she's only supposed to be 16 . The poor girl ages with every film/tv adaptation. I shall make no mention here of Andrew Davies' recent mashed-up and stuck back together (not necessarily in the correct order) tele script effort . Tsk tsk , it took "writer's licence" to a whole new meaning - I occasionally wondered if he'd actually read the book !? Oh dear , I seem to have mentioned it now ...the scenery was .. "nice" . No , as E.B. I'll settle for all the wittiest lines of dialogue , and the upper hand in a verbal punch-up with toffs any day . Sigh ......
just call me a Jane Austen Anorak .....

T.T.F.N Ruth x

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