Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Come Back Summer !!

Ok , where did the summer go ?? What with rain delays at Wimbledon (how unusual - LOL ) damp birds sulking in the trees , and the wind gusting through my garden and playing havoc with hanging baskets it's enough to give you the Glums :0(

Far too much of this :-

Not nearly enough of this :-

I'm off for weekend no.2 in Stratford in a few days time so ; no more wet stuff !! Plllease . Thank you !

Ruth x


All Bear said...

Lovely entry Ruth! Made me chuckle!

I have been busy for the past couple of days, putting together a forum for British Bears on the Net. Was wondering if you'd be interested in joining us? No obligation of course, but if you like the look of it, you'll be made most welcome!

Ruth said...

Oooooo - great idea Paula ,
I'll pop in ASAP , thanks :0)

Amanda said...

Love the piece you have done Ruth. As always your bears look as if someone has freeze framed them on video. Felt like that bear today running through giant puddles!

Nice one Paula, off to check it out.

Ruth said...

Amanda , that is just the most lovely compliment (thank you)I really do try and give them a sense of movement and animation they might resume a conversation when you are safely out of the way !!
Fingers crossed for more SUMMER ;0)

Loving the BBN forum Paula !

Ruth x