Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Action packed weekend ...

I had an absolute blast at Hugglets on Sunday , and managed to squeeze in lots of beary chat with some wonderful people . I hadn't been to Kensington for the September Teddies Festival for a few years , and I was reminded what a fantastic day out it makes ! There is a great atmosphere inside , with an assortment of different rooms on 3 levels ; in fact it's beary Heaven !

"But isn't that a TinyBear ?" I hear you say . Well , yes ; the pretty little bear in this photo is called Baby Jane - and she was a surprise present from Tina Jensen , who had travelled all the way from Denmark to exhibit at Hugglets . Tina is taking an extended holiday to visit a few of the places I've been blogging on about (!) including Bath , and as you can see Baby is clutching her very own copy of "Emma" by Jane Austen :0)
A million "thank you"s Tina - what a lovely , kind and thoughtful lady you are xx

Just a note here to add that Friday was a bit too action packed for some of my family . My poor mother ended up in hospital with a very nasty double fracture in her leg and a dislocated ankle ! I was already intending to go to Cambridgeshire , as my Hugglets journey starting point, so I was at least able to visit her in Addenbrookes hospital . She has now had her lower leg pinned and plated and will be enjoying her Golden Wedding celebration this weekend from a wheelchair. One misplaced footfall on the stairs has a lot to answer for !!

T.T.F.N Ruth x


Pauline said...

What a sweet little bear, wish I could have gone to Hugglets, maybe next time. Hope your Mum gets better and enjoy the aniversary party.


All Bear said...

Aw, what a cutie! Ruth, it showed ... you had a grin from ear to ear at the show! Great to see you there!

Boot Button Bears said...

Hi Ruth,
Hugglets sounds like it must have been such a wonderful day. One day I will get there. Your poor Mum, that sounds so painful. Loved your little bear from Tina, no wonder you were thrilled.
Boot Button Bears.

Ruth said...

Hi ladies ,I was very lucky wasn't I ? My poor mummy was out of luck that day on the stairs though :0( thanks for all your good wishes !
Little beary hugs , Ruth x