Thursday, 23 October 2008

Antipodean Thoughts

I'm very much thinking about that far off part of the world , where my beary friends will soon be entering their "summer" season , and enjoying lashings of hot sunshine !

A while back I decided to join Sandi Smith in her endeavours with the Teddy Bears and Critters Australasia organisation - a group of very talented artists from across the southern hemisphere who , pulled together by Sandi's dynamic outlook , now have a firm niche in the world of online soft sculpture showcasing . How can that be possible when I'm stuck in Blighty then ? Well , I'm affiliated to the group ; like an admiring "B.F" (Best friend) really ! I certainly consider Sandi to be one of my best international friends - and I probably wouldn't have "met" her if we hadn't both belonged to the late , lamented Bear Artists Online . The loss of BAO left quite a gaping hole for many artists , and so I really wanted to be part of a group again . With TBACA I can hang out with like minded people , swap links and even take part in their international shows - the next one is Be My Valentine on 14th Feb , 2009

Never one to rest on her laurels , Sandi is always expanding the site ( and our horizons !) There is a current challenge for the most Traditional Bear , and Best Christmas Setting for the bear's photograph . The members wondered if anyone would like a calendar to include all 12 of the entries ; with all profits directly benefitting Cambodian Sun Bears* No sooner said ,than Sandi has set up a wonderful extra little shop , with fund raising items in it . Brilliant ! My entry bear , William , can be found on a pack of 20 Christmas cards .

Of course I am starting to put together the bears for the coming show , but I'm also taking a little time out for a delightful swap with TBACA artist Wendy Ching , of Matilda Huggington Beare . Wendy has requested a Hamster as her new friend , and I shall wait excitedly for one of her gorgeous little "puddles" ; which are the most adorable baby duck-billed platypusses ! Hopefully I can share the pictures here when we've both received our parcels . One way and another Christmas will be early this year !

If you would like to visit the site to check out the Christmas Challenge bears just click the pink link above , or here .

T.T.F.N Ruth x

* see my earlier post ; "Stuff it All" which mentioned Bobo's booth .


TinyBear said...

Love your Christmas Bear Ruth. He is looking terrific on the photo and on the Christmas Cards. Sandi does such a great job with the site. I´m very proud to be an affiliate member too. You are so right about the loss of BAO.
Many hugs, Tina

ps: you could join the NCTB-wiki you know - Paula is there too - pleeaase - it would be SO much fun :O)

Ruth said...

Awwwww - Tina , I promise I'll have another look in to it :0)
By the way , I just LOVE your little Christmas bear too ; really lovely photo which looks great on a card !

Biggest Hugs , Ruth xx :0)