Thursday, 19 March 2009

I've been spinning plates ....

.... and look , I've popped back in time to waggle the pole under my "blog plate" !

I am absolutely not complaining though - I love being so busy with my little scraps of bears . I feel properly creative and energised rather than stressed or burnt out . Looking through my diary I see that I'm booked up for making bears (either stock for fairs , or orders) until November ; that's amazing ! The fairs are as follows :-

4th June : Black and White Ball (Miniatures Day) , TBACA online .

7th June : The Teddy Bear Artist Event , Stratford-upon-Avon .

13th September : Teddies 2009 , Hugglets

In and around these dates I am creating 2 designs of Limited Edition bears for Teddy Bears of Witney ; which is incredibly exciting for me and also a little daunting . There will also be more bears travelling to Edwina's Friends - the next 4 will be leaving me shortly , so I'll post pics soon . I've squeezed in a commission , with one more on the horizon .... although I think I'll now have to close the one-off order book or my table might be empty at the TBAE !

In fact , I could never have dared hope for such a fantastic interest in my work post-Hugglets , so I'm truly treasuring it :0) I don't like to sound gushy , but ; "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands !" Whoooooot !! Well why not ? You only have to pick up a newspaper to be firmly returned to Earth with an almighty plonk .... and besides I have new stashes of ribbons , vintage lace , and crochet trims to (metaphorically) go burying my head in ! Thanks to my mother , I have some spectacular pieces of lace - right back to Victorian - from a shop I assumed was long gone . Don't ask where ' cos I'll never tell * wicked grin *

I have received a lovely Friendship award from Tina , of Tiny Bear. She is my very special friend , and such a sweet lady . I can't wait to spend some time with her before we do the TBAE fair in June . Thank you so much Tina ! I notice from her pretty blog that she has awarded some really interesting artists ; all well worth a visit . On this occasion ( whilst I waggle poles , LOL) I will diplomatically include all my blog link friends in this same award . Cheers to you ladies !

Here is my little Easter commission bear , who has flown away to the USA to share her chocolate!

TaTa For Now then ,

Ruth x


Pauline said...

Who's a busy bee then. Sounds like you hardly have time to breath Ruth! I'm really pleased for you, its well deserved. xx


Ruth said...

Hi Pauline ,that's sweet of you :0)
So glad I can sew in the sunshine at the moment ; makes such a difference
doesn't it ?
Hugs ,

Bumpkin Bears said...

I'm so glad to see you so busy, you deserve it with your gorgeous little souls. Hugs, Catherine x

Matilda said...

I glad you are so happy. Your wee bears and critters are so special you deserves lots of success with the them.

Ruth said...

You're so kind Catherine , Wendy .
Big Hugs to you both :0) :0)