Monday, 2 March 2009

Edwina's Friends

In all the excitement of the run up to Hugglets I didn't get a chance to post photos of the four new little bears who have been delivered to Edwina's Friends ; which is the lovely beary web-shop run by former Teddy Bear Scene editor Kathy Martin .

The bears are 3" tall : boys in Smokey Long Pile upholstery velvet , and girls in Vintage Long Pile upholstery velvet , each with their own birthday accessory . I really enjoyed creating pretty little cotton dresses with dainty girly trims for these diminutive misses !

Click here to drop in and visit them .


The Victorian Parlor said...

They're beautiful! I still have to make myself realize how small they are-you are so talented (and you must have amazing eyesight)!

ginger said...

I would guess their visit at Edwina's will be short. Who could pass these cuties by without taking them home? They're wonderful little handfuls.

Amanda said...

Ooooo lovely. I love the little surpises they are holding.

Ruth said...

Many thanks ladies - I do really appreciate you lovely people stopping by :0)

Donna Griffin said...

How cute are they!!!! Ruth, you are just so clever. I think they would be the perfect gift for someone celebrating a special day. It's good to hear that the Teddy Bear Scene editor is still among the bears!
Mini hugs, Donna

Ruth said...

Donna you're so sweet :0) !
Thanks and hugs x