Friday, 4 September 2009

Chatsworth Marbles

As time is short I thought I'd share some interesting photos with you over the next couple of posts , whilst keeping my chat (or typing finger) in check !

These are all marble statues from Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, which was the home of Georgiana - who was portrayed by Keira Knightly in the film "Duchess".

Ashley took some great shots in this "sculpture room" which contained some extraordinary pieces ; like the enormous lions (at least 3 times life size) and delicately realised dogs which I had to resist stroking . I find it fascinating that these statues are fashioned from material which is aeons in the making , and I'm sure the sculptor took a very long time to finish each one , and yet quite a few seem to capture a fleeting moment ; a freeze-frame of an instant . Who knew that such transience was held within those slowly evolved blocks of rock ?

I find many of the statues' hands , and faces extremely beautiful - also folds of cloth and feathers ; they are moving and somehow peaceful . Their artists were masters of their medium and their work can still take your breath away .

Until next time ,
T.T.F.N Ruth x


the lady loves bears said...

they are amazing works of art aren't they


Ruth said...

Hi Raewyn - thanks so much for stopping by :0)

Mini Hugs ,