Monday, 28 September 2009

I've been so , sewwww busy !!

I'm currently using every minute of every day to complete a first batch of Limited Edition pieces for Teddy Bears of Witney - I was ridiculously excited when I received the beautiful 2010 catalogue in the post ! I can honestly say , with hand on heart , that I'm proud to be contributing 2 designs to such a gorgeous selection .... I'd love one of all of them ; it's a bruin-feast for the eyes !

Next up I have a swap to complete and a secret magazine project ;0) .... and then a few more L/E pieces (some of them are already sold !)

T.T.F.N Ruth xx

**I have a great P.S to add here ; rush on over to Sandi Smith's "Bearly Sane - Blog of a Bear Nut" to take part in her wonderful Pay It Forward Giveaway - leave a comment on the P.I.F post and your name could be drawn for a delightful prize such as this journal and notebook bound in handmade paper. Entries by Monday 5th October - go on have a go !

(Photo courtesy of Sandi Smith)


Bearly Sane said...

Hi Ruth! Oh my! Haven't you finished your secret magazine project yet? I sent mine off today...such a relief to have completed it before the deadline.
Pop by my blog when you have a mo...I have three lovely giveaways up for grabs this week.
Warmest hugs,

Ruth said...

Hi Sandi ,

Yes , I'm ok for the deadline ... I'm planned out practically to the hour at the moment :0)

Popping over .....

Anonymous said...
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