Friday, 11 December 2009

Off to Hove for the BBAAs !

I've checked over my little nominee bear and packed her carefully, sorted through a few clothes for the weekend , divided my little doggies' meals (idiot proofing for teenage sons left home in charge!) and now I need only wait for the crack of dawn tomorrow to start the journey to Hove ; for the finals of The British Bear Artist Awards on Sunday.

I think I already mentioned that the 3 of us will be spending Saturday in and around Tunbridge Wells - I'm looking forward to visiting the shopping areas as much as semi-ruined castles , if I'm honest . Maybe we might spot something wonderful through the throngs of people ?? I know there are quite a few "one off " shops in the Pantiles area so I'll be making a bee-line there !

I wish I could travel by giant , friendly butterfly .... although perhaps I'd miss loud in-car music LOL ! I certainly seem to be gaining butterflies in my tummy as the day goes on .... but I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone and visiting all the bear stalls , and of course I love exploring new places with my husband and son :0)
I'll be back to report how I got on -

TaTa For Now ,
Ruth XX


TinyBear said...

oh - I wish you a wonderful trip Ruth, and best of luck with your little nominee - I´m sure you´ll do great. Sounds like a great trip - have a lot of fun and say hi from me.
many hugs, Tina

Ruth said...

Thank you so much Tina :0)
Wish you were here too !

Hugs and more Hugs ,
Ruth <<>>

All Bear said...

Have fun Ruth and good luck for Sunday!