Thursday, 8 April 2010

25th Anniversary Celebrations

I've just posted out my parcel of exclusive , one-off bears for Teddy Bears of Witney's 25th Anniversary Event, which takes place on the 18th April. Each of the 3 bears has their very own micro-tiny friend to accompany them when they appear on the day.

Here's one of the couples , partially disguised by "Artistic" filter , to show that I have really been working on bears (yes, really !!) without revealing all before the party :0)
Now it's straight back to some prototypes and show pieces - lots of cutting out and wearing of a layer of shimmery 3mm mini-bear fur all over myself! Nice new needles , new trays waiting for small ursine inhabitants (!) and a new vanguard of cotton reels in shades to match the current works in progress...

By the way I heard the door closing just now - I think it was the Easter bunny ; packed up and leaving, somewhat miffed, for another year, and probably wondering when exactly I'll get round to using some of the lovely eggy decorations I've accumulated to go with bears - tins , wood and papier mache. I ran out of time this year. Again.
Maybe next time .....

TaTa Easter Bunny!!

T.T.F.N , Ruth XX


Heather said...

oh my, how small are the smallest ones? They look so cute!!! (both of them!)

Ruth said...

Awww , thank you Heather :0)
The tiny ones are 1.6" tall.

Hugs , Ruth x

Bramblewood Bears said...

wow....i can't believe how tiny these two cuties are! How adorable!!
Bear Hugs and Blessings,
Bramblewood Bears

Bearly Sane said...

Good to see you working your little butt off Ruth! :>)

I hope the Easter bunny left you more than props ... LIKE HEAPS OF CHOCOLATE (AKA bearmakers delight) ... no eggs left here for me this year, but a HUGE bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk was found by my beady little eyes after he left!

Warmest hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

Ruth said...

Thanks Tomi :0)
That was nice of the Easter bunny Sandi - heehee - I never have eggs either; more choccy in a bar!
I'm , ahem , still scoffing my way through the pile- which was a bit mountainous this year! (Well , I have got that exercise bike!!!!)

lapousmor said...

Hi Ruth!

I hope you will post photos when allowed to! I look forward to see them... Of course, I would have preffered to be able to visit Teddy Bears of Witney, because I love soooo much that shop plus the staff is so charming! I went there many times during my one year stay in Oxford, each time bringing back home one or two new bear(s) (cheeky bears from Merrythought). This is how I began my hug!

Lots of hugs,