Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Ashley sent me this pic via his phone whilst he was exhibiting at the Focus photographic show in Birmingham. This little photo printer looks a bit fed up doesn't he? Maybe he's saying:

"You seriously think I'm interested in your photos??" 
"You have how many pictures of the same beach - yawn!!"
"When I spit these photos out you'll be soooo embarassed; try taking the lens cap off next time! Ha!"

What do you think he's saying?? :0)

Ruth XX


Kays Kids said...

When is it time to go home!!!!!
I can't believe people would take a photo of that.....

Ruth said...

HeeHee Kay! :0)
I'm always asking Ashley to look out for these anthropomorphic type machine-thingies. There used to be a site with lots of funny captions for them :0)

Blythe Ghost said...

ROFL! He's saying you have a very vivid imagination Ruth.

Ruth said...

Lol! He'd be right!!! HeeHee!

Ruth xx

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Ruth!
What did we do before these camera phones?? I get some really fun photos from my kids - strange license plates, funny signs, amazing nature shots. Love 'em!!

Hope you and all your boys are doing well!
Hugs from the US!

Ruth said...

Hi Donna! Thanks for stopping by; I'm glad someone else gets "whimsical" photos sent to them! I'll have to do a "sensible" post next time I think :0) Lol!

Hugs back to you and your family,

Ruth xxx