Tuesday, 1 May 2012

.... more on the Peregrines

What a difference a week makes. Sadly we have had the wettest April since records began, here in the UK; the result being such cold temperatures and driving wind and rain that it was inevitable the Nottingham peregrine's family would be devastated. We watched the 4 eggs hatch just over a week ago, and delighted at the fluffy little chicks, but there are now only 2 left alive, one of whom is fading fast.Such is Nature. No one can expect live webcams to sugar-coat the harsh and awful truth of what is the precarious reality of being a wild bird or animal.
We saw the local resident peregrines in Hanley on saturday morning - still not nesting, and clearly without a care in the world at the moment! I hope they have much kinder luck when the time comes.

Apparently there are numerous live cams on peregrines around the country, so I think I will add others to my sidebar links - I would dearly love to follow some other families as they grow. It is such a priviledge to be able to do this these days thanks to technology!!

On another note completely; I totally loathe all the changes to Blogger. Bleeeughhhhh! Why does everything have to be messed with? I takes me ages to get used to anything.I can't even begin to keep up with the Facebook changes either .... makes me feel like a grumpy old woman!!!! To cheer me up I shall post pics from my niece's wedding two weekends ago.Just give me a day to wrestle them off Ashley's camera......


Ruth XX


Kays Kids said...

Those poor little chicks out there in the cold. I know that is what nature does. It doesn't help us wanting to step in, although we can't.

Ruth said...

Hi Kay,
ohhhh, it's been such a heartbreaking turn of events. Only 1 surviving chick now, and the weather's throwing its worst again!
But, as you say, this tragic story is playing out in so many wild, and unseen places that we don't even know about.
Hugs, xx